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Regrow Claw After Declaw?

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First and foremost, I do not believe in declawing cats. This question is not meant to start a discussion about declawing ethics.

With that in mind, here is my situation. About 3 years ago, Charlotte was found by my sister running the streets in her neighborhood. No one claimed her as their cat and eventually I adopted Charlotte. When Charlotte was found, she had already been 4-paw declawed. She tolerates my petting her but doesn't like to be overly pet so it's difficult to do a thorough examine on her.

Yesterday when I was playing with her, I noticed she has a claw on her right paw. Is it possible that her claw/nail grew back after being declawed or is it more likely that the vet (or whoever declawed her) missed a claw? I do not believe the claw is causing pain. It looks relatively normal and retracts like my other cat's claw. Should I be concerned?

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Well, I know it happens - claws can regrow after a declaw. Normally when I hear that it happens, the claw grows back in wrong and is rather painful. I know that you said she doesn't exhibit any pain, and the fact that it seems to retract normally is probably a good sign, but maybe you should have a vet look at it sometime soon just to make sure everything is fine with it. Of course, it could have just been missed, but do you think in three years you wouldn't have noticed it? Maybe you should just mention it at her next vet appointment.
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If not done properly, you can have nails regrow - usually as deformed ones. I'm not sure what to think, but its possible the vet missed it, tho they usually complete the job correctly.

Is this the "dew" claw or one on a normal toe? And I'd keep an eye on it for any deformity or other problems. Of course you will have to keep it trimmed
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My Little Miss Moofi had some sort of accident and came home with a very bloody and messy paw.
Off to the vets, he checked it over and, unfortunately a claw had been pulled out We could only guess what on earth had happened ! He said that after it healed she would be ok, but he wasnt certain if the nail would grow back. So we kept checking her every so often and she was back to normal pretty much after her vet visit.
Anyway it did grow back and it was a perfectly formed claw !
So I am sure everythings going to be just fine for Charlotte
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I would think that if she shows any signs of discomfort or favoring that paw, I would cart her to the vet and have them at least x-ray it and make sure that it isn't deformed. Actually, I would probably bring her in to have the vet check it out anyway. Cats are so good at hiding pain.
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I've had cats re-grow claws. (Don't flame me here....I've since learned the error in my ways.....) I believe when I was small we had to take one cat to the vet because of a problem with one growing back out, but the other instance I'm thinking of, it grew back fine.
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My best friends family's cats are all decalwed. One had had serious issues since the surgery (basically hasn't been the same cat, you can't really get near him, and he's got serious behavioural issues). It's been 6 or so years. This week she took him in for a routine check up, and they found that his declaw had been botched, as the claws on all toes on BOTH front paws are growing back. It is very painful for him to the touch.
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my first cat, Medley, regrew one of hers, but it was deformed. the vet told me it was painful to her, & should be removed, so i had it done. i was young & inexperienced in the ways of cats. looking back, i can't remember her acting like it bothered her at all. if it doesn't seem to bother her, i wouldn't worry too much. just keep an eye on it, just in case.
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