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The Great Escape

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have been running Casa De Gato now for 6 months and apart from Bubi the old cat that passed away due to fits I have had no problems..

Untill this week.. I have had 4 cats left with me for 6 months awaiting return to the UK, they arrived and as normal were a little timid sitting in the house part of the pen and cutting their eyes.

Later that night I fed them and cleaned litter trays and everything was fine.

Got up in the morning and one of them had gone beserk it had torn the wire from the roof...god knows how it even got up there.. and thre had escaped.

I caught Oz and put him back with the other one.

Now two are roaming free.. I am beside myself.. have searched and searched

The one is hanging round and I cornered it in the back garden but it flew at me and scratched my arms.

I saw it again in the early hours of the morning so it is coming back for food and the others. I have now borrowed a cat trap in the hope that I can trap it when it cools down later on.

I have been unable to contact the owners.. but I am dreading it.. I mean is it my fault.. the cat literally chewed through the wire mesh on the roof.

The builder who has come and fixed it with another layer of mesh says it has literally bitten through the wire.

My vet says if they are determined to go there is not a lot that I could have done and it sounds as if it was the one that scratched me because it seems so untame.

I am so worried they will try and get back to where they came from but don't know what else to do. They are all microchipped, the vet is putting a note on the microchip site for me.

Please please pray they come back, with Jade sick this is the last thing I wanted.
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Oh, I'm so sorry you are having so many problems. It sounds as though you have done all you can to locate the cats and prevent future escapes. So here are some {{{come back}}} vibes for the missing cats. And some {{{get well}}} vibes for Jade.
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Thank you I am still searching.. everything comes at once. They will need wire cutters to get out now I think.

Put a cat trap out .. caught a black Feral Cat... it was wicked all fur and spit.

Try again tonight, the owner was ok about it I am not sure but I think she expected trouble from the grey one.
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