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Soft Paws for My girls

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Hello all!!!

I got my two packs of soft paws for my girls!!! Chestnut and Angel.

Pink and Purple Small.....

I was really lucky putting them on.. Angel was sleeping by me,, so I can clipped her nail,, rubbed her head, clipped her nail, rubbed her head. Did this for all 10 nails! Then pull out the pink nails and put them all on while she slept.. It was soo simple!!!

Then came Chestnut..Ohhh first off she hattteees her nail clipped or touched. I even massage them on a daily basis. We had to put her in a blanket and she hissed and cried. It was not fun... at all.. But I clipped her nails and then put the purple ones on.

This was all on Wednesday night,, as of yet,, Angel only lost one,, but that was my fault,, there was hair stuck in the nail tip.. She lost it while scratching on her scratch board.. and Chestnut lost one,, becuase she was able to bit it off..

It still bugs them,, you see them licking their paws,, but they aren't mad at me over it.. and their nails are soo beautiful!!! Now to buy some Kitty ones for Kella.....

So I'm now an advocate for the soft paws people!!!! The girls still scratch at the boards and poles and furniture,, and me,, but it doesn't hurt.. So jump on the bandwagon,, and don't declaw,, buy the soft paws,, there pretty and cool!!!! As my little girl says too the cats,, """Ahhhh don't you have such pretty painted nails" (she's 4yo and we had to paint her nails so she matched the cats!!)..

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There's a thread titled "Soft Paws - for sticky". Would you mind putting this in that thread? We're trying to get one thread with all Soft Paws stories and questions in it, so when people go searching, they can find it easily
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Sure,, sorry.. I went and attached it that thread!! Mods can delete this post if they like!!!
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