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We didn't float away!

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It looks like the worst of Ernesto has passed us. We got a lot of rain, and some areas of town flooded badly. We are fortunate to live close to where a major road project is being built, so we have brand new drainage in our neighborhood. Less than a mile away, the people were not so lucky, and were flooded, and some people in outlying areas cannot get to or from their homes. I know a brother and sister that are handicapped, and are probably stuck in their home right now. Please send out some prayers and vibes for those that were flooded and stranded.
I had never seen any of the flooded areas until this morning, and it was scary!
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I am glad you are safe and tons of prayer to those who are in flooded areas. I hope they get the help they need very soon!
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My Sis lives in central VA. The governor of VA has declared a state of emergency for the state. She said they had been on voluntary water restriction so the dry ground should be able to absorb a good deal od the Ernesto rain.
I hope everyone who is in bother Ernesto & Johns path and their friends and family stay safe.
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I'm so glad to hear that you are ok...sending many prayers to those that weren't so lucky.
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