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Daily Thread September 1/06

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Good morning all!!

It's the first day of September...and looking out the window I can see the clouds starting to build marking the arrival of the remanants of Hurricane Ernesto into my area doesn't make an outdoor wedding so nice.

Anyways, today I'm going to be heading back to my hometown with Reilly in tow...he's going to spend a week with my parents while Jeff and I do some camping and home improvements. Sydney is going to stay with the woman that fostered her.

I thought I'd check in now because with all the running around I have to do today I thought I might not be able to later. Enjoy your day everyone!!
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Oh Tracy,I can't believe your wedding is finally here! I'm so excited for you! I hope Mother Nature is kind to you and for at least the time that you need, the she lets the sun shine on your special day!!!! Rain or shine, CONGRATS!!!
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Yay, the big day is almost here!

Sending lots of 'Stay Away Nasty Weather' }}}VIBES{{{ your way!

I will be a beautiful day no matter what, though, I'm sure of that!
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Tracy- I just want to wish you much luck on your wedding day and a wonderful marriage to a wonderful man! I hope everything turns out like you want it to. And no rain for you!! Enjoy it!!

Have a great Friday everyone!!
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Best of Luck! Hopefully the storm will fizzle away and leave you with a beautiful day for your special event.
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The day my sister was married it rained all around us and at the moment they said "I Do" the sun came out! May your day go as well. Sis and bro will be celebrating 40 years in 2007.

Well, we're having weather changes and my back is feeling it. Bad Ernesto!
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Have SAFE travels today and throughout the weekend. I know Reilly and Sydney will be fine and I'm sure they are both thrilled that their mommy and daddy will finally be MARRIED!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes View Post
Have SAFE travels today and throughout the weekend. I know Reilly and Sydney will be fine and I'm sure they are both thrilled that their mommy and daddy will finally be MARRIED!
I'm sure they will...I hate to seperate the 2 of them but my mom already has a cat of her own and she said that 3 would be too much for her.
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Well we have very nice and sunny weather here is Wisconsin. I will inform the weather goods to move this weather over to you!!!
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Oh Tracy, good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you on your wonderful day. I hope all your hard work and planning pays off and you have the best day ever.
Can't wait to hear all about it. Im sure Reilly and Sydney will be absolutely fine. Enjoy your camping and relaxing!
Tonight I am going for a BBQ at my Mums, then tomorrow night Im going for a BBQ at my friends, as she has just got home from a year in Peru working in an orphanage. I cant wait to hear all her stories!
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Good Morning All!!!

Today is quite chilly in the city...I have a sweat jacket on! It is a friend's (that I work with) birthday today, so I made him a cake last night. And that darn Murphy's law, everything I needed for making icing, I was missing 1 ingredient. So I figured I'd run to the Rite Aid near my work and do it quick in the morning cause they have everything. Everything, but icing!!! So I improvised....I bought peanut butter, and a ton of Reeses Cups, and spread the PB on top of the cake, and then crumbled the reeses on top of that... not sure how it's gonna taste...but I can't imagine it would be too bad.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Reilly & Sydney, have a great vacation with your relatives! <3LuckyGirl
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Happy Friday all!

I'm SO glad its Friday!! Its been crazy busy here @ work this morning - end of the month AND payday - ugh! Double crappy day!

Heading home tomorrow - I'm really excited to see my family!

And once again Tracy - Good luck and Congratulations!
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Well the sun is out now, so hopefully a good sign (fingers crossed)

I am SO glad it is the end of the week and a holiday weekend because I need some rest
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Good Luck Tracy! Remember whatever the weather, we love .
Safe driving for everyone this weekend. Since lots of people are traveling this weekend to see family and friends please drive safe, there are are crazy drivers out there, we've seen lots of them already.
I'm off to work in 30 minutes. I really don't want to go. Shoot I'm not even dressed. Knowing my coworkers going to come in at 5 and I have to deal with her for 4 hours make me want to scream! Then (if she even shows up) she is my relief tomorrow night, but I can just leave without talking to her then. It's tonight I have to deal with. Maybe I can just get thu it without talking to her at all. That'd be nice. Because if I talk to her, it's going to get ugly. I already told my manager that. She is behind me %100 because she was shafted as well. Oh well, I better go get ready.

Have a good day for me everyone!
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Best of luck on your wedding day, Tracy! May the sun shine on you!
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Hooray, Tracy! Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Today... well, I still haven't heard anything about Cheeto I'm tempted to just go adopt a different kitten. I've just gotten terribly attached to the idea since yesterday, and Cory ok'd it, so... kitten! I'm going to wait until Wednesday before resigning myself. The adopter guy might just be on vacation, I guess.
In other news, I'm hungry and I don't want to cook. It's too hot for cooking.

I just found out my student loan wasn't approved, they don't want my mom cosigning. I went into financial aid and they called the loan place, and they said that if I just applied by myself I'm 99% sure to be approved! :shock: I don't even HAVE a credit rating! how does that work?! Oh well, I'm just glad it does

AAAnd my school textbooks only cost $76 this semester! That's an all time low!
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Since the day is now nearly over, I guess I'll discuss our adventures for today.

We decided to brave the weather from the remnants of Ernesto who happens to still be pouring his rain down on us.

We had to drop off a residency form with the school. After that we had to pay the taxes on our car...and get a county sticker.

Then it was off to get school supplies. We got everything on the list, but the Elmer's glue....found plenty of the Elmer's rubber cement but not the white glue....why oh why?@?

And got her a bookbag...which we thought was the only one left and was grateful it was pink....and two 'back to school' outfits.

Could someone please explain to me why they put the book bags at the exit door of the store.....I mean you are going to want to get them before you ring everything up right? So why put them on the wrong side of the checkout counter....I was frustrated cause my daughter could have had more to choose from if I had known that.

But she likes her "Supergirl" bookbag.

Then on the way home we stopped at KFC for supper and then on to our temp home (my ILs).

After that pretty much nothing, just extra chilly and very windy and rainy up here in the mountains of Virginia.
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