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kittens escaping

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they wont stay in the box ive changed it 3 times now the current one is plastic its a foot deep by 2 1/2 feet wide and they can climb out but cant get back in. there still to little to have free reign of the front room and missy wont have them any where else ahhh i just havent got the the extra cash to get a cage at the moment any suggestions would be most welcome
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any way u can get a larger box ? mine are in the bottom of our cubourd at the moment they was getting out so i got a cardboard box cut it to fit so that it was much higher and to keep it there i selotaped it from the outside so it dosn't move and let them out seem's to be working at the moment , a foot deep won't keep them in atall lol mine is 3 ft deep won't know what to do when there jumping out of it though lol good luck
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I went to a local appliance store and they gave me a huge box...it held a washing machine. They throw them out and were happy to give me one. I cut it down to about 3 1/2 feet high, and cut a round hole about 9" from the bottom for mom to go in/out. I saved the cut out piece and just put it back in the hole when the kittens needed to stay in there. Or you can face the cut out side to a wall when they need to be 'trapped!
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thanks for the replys ive ordered a cage hubby will kill me but at least the kittens will be safe, i have an idea missy wont be the only pregnant cat ill have im thinking of offering my services to local rescues
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If you have a spare bathroom, I find that usually works well for moms and babies. There is enough room for them to run and explore, but not get lost.
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We only had the one little orphan and I baricaded off the kitchen with the likes of Rubbermaid tubs and a few boxes until he was litter trained. It didn't look too fashionable but the kitchen was much warmer than our spare bathroom plus it's where we spend much of our time. My kids still talk fondly about having that mewing little kitten following us around and scampering about the kitchen. The barricade worked great despite several valiant attempts to escape and then one Sunday morning he realized he was on the kitchen side of the barricade and the rest of the family was on the living room side of the barricade and that was the end of that...
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