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I found out Junior died today :(

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This is a story that happened today, that I pass on:

The cat Ive been helping feed better food all year, named Junior, near my job, is dead. I had a strong feeling I would go there and someone would say that.

I went there today with 2 cans of catfood and I didn't see most of the cats. Now I remember going last week to drop off food and he didnt come running when I called.

He can always hear me, or my bikestand click on the driveway pavement, or the can snapping open as I prepare the food for them all, and I would always see him, so very thin!!! A black and white short hair. He would BOUND towards me in gazelle like leaps.. I always thought to myself how much energy he had for a sick cat.

When I showed up today the owner of the place named Tony was not there, but his brother was. I introduced myself to him. I asked this guy who could care less about talking about animals & was more interested in dating me "Where is Junior?". He replies.. "Junior is dead". I am startled, but not that much... I had been expecting this. More lately than ever, although.. Im suprised I would know this would happen, as he had so much energy. I wanted him to defy the odds.

After some more exchanges, I asked "where was Junior buried?"

He joked "do you want to do an autopsy on him? Like CSI?" He told me Tony was inside his house, not feeling well. I'd not gone there in a while because I had taken some time off work for my back.

He said "We were just talking about you, he said you were very nice, you come over and help him feed the cats,...but I didnt know you were so GUD lookin'" ... he boldly stated in surprise.

Unfazed but deflecting this unnecessary comment, I wanted to find out what happened to Junior! I still have no answers. Such comments at such a tragic time only serve to build the irony of my own lamentations with certain uncaring, animal unconscious people. Im talking about a life, he's into superficialities. I put my glowing anger on hold for now. The stupidity of it all is, he probably thought he was giving me a compliment. He was not conscious, not aware of how sad this was for me, because he was not LIKE me.

Tony owns 12 cats that live outside of his house which is behind an auto mechanic type business on Eastern Ave in Bell Gardens, California. Its good that he gives these cats a place to "hang" and feeds them, they are all strays. He told me once that he bottle fed "junior" and was closest to him. These cats had found him.. and they were his "family". Of course I can relate to that, but he does not care for them, they are scraggly, they don't get Advantage flea control.. I had thought of bringing one over. If they get sick, apparently he takes them to a really bad vet (the vet gave Junior an antibiotic that made him really sick,.. a quack) he can't afford to take them to a good vet. I think its neglectful.

"One day he was just weak" offered Tony's brother. Whatever that means. I tried to get more information.. then what happened? Did he just die?? I wasn't supplied with anything else. I doubt he rushed him to the vet, EVEN THEN. It enrages me. After feeding him all year, I feel as though I came to know him, although I was aware of what could happen, and I didn't want to get too attached. I am enraged that a man can just let this happen. At least KNOW what he had..to get a name to it, so that the mystery isn't there. It could have been totally curable? Or not. Now what? Now nothing.

I don't even have a photo of him, I didn't want to think of his death, I was sustaining his life as much as I could, but he belonged to another, who should have been responsible for him. The man has 12 cats, he will probably just let them all die off when they get sick. No help.

The brother told me that a few years ago, because he lives next to a small motel, the owner of the motel told him that he "Did not want his cats coming over to his motel anymore, the guests were feeding them, etc" He told Tony he would leave poison out if they did. Consequently one cat died of this poisoning, I learned to my horror, trying not to show how horrified I was, to this multi-tattoo'ed guy who seemed to have just gotten out of prison by his look, attitude and demeanor.

How are we to move on and expect positive happy futures, when a cat life goes neglected? To some, this question with thud, utterly meaninglessness. The animals are the innocents. They are unconditional. What can be more pure.

How does anyone not get the connection to all living things? How many people go subterranean with this knowledge not wishing to view it with the light of clarity lest it spoil their present pleasure or ruin their appetite. I need to know that there are answers.

I feel bad, I didn't want another shameful cat statistic. Im left with a lot of thoughts about it. I can't say or think that he's better off, since his life could have been stretched longer. Clearly the man feels a cats life is only worth so much, and not as much as his own. I wonder if he values his at all. It is disturbing to see this, to know people with glazed eyes and frenetic hearts can lose their humanity in the mediocrity of every day life, and everything else becomes important. Its just that I meet TOO MANY people with that kind of attitude, worse than his actually.. and it is very painful to see.

It breaks my heart, and as usual, noone was there to help me with this, & I dislike these types of people who do not care, even more...as they selfishly go about their lives, its all about them, they don't see the connection to all living things.. and noone around me is raising ONE HAND to care for these animals but me??? Its inconceivable..and if I were to multiply that exponetially, what kind of savage land do we LIVE IN exactly and how can we expect anything good to really happen and why are we so surprised when tragedy hits humanity?

Noone helped... and now he's gone. Junior's life force seemed to ebb because I had stopped coming around as much, and he exited. I don't know what was supposed to happen. I keep wondering if I could have saved him, in time..what did I do right and wrong?

A leaping, bounding, energetic cat that was only about four years old, and we don't know what he had that killed him, and now never will. Are you around me now? Did you attach yourself to me when I came to feed you, thinking you were still alive? I hope you did, you can be my little traveling light. I hope what you did, was leapt and bounded right towards me and came back to my home never to return again!! I don't want you to haunt such an ugly, depressing place!

If I didnt have so many cats already, I would have taken you so fast. My cats are so healthy, loved, happy.. You would have had that life too. I hope you are here with me now.

I just wish I could see you.
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RIP Junior. i know you'll be happy now, playing over rainbow bridge, recieving all the time & love you deserve.

zurryskies, i completely understand everything you've written about. i've also gone through very much the same thing. i wish there was something i could say/do to help, but i know it's only wishful thinking...i find myself saying, far too often these days that the human race really can be extremely selfish at times.
i'm sending you a massive ~hug~ Junior (& all his furry family) will be in my thoughts tonight

RIP little angel
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I sorry for your sad loss.

Rest in peace Junior.
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Wow. You really put your thoughts and feelings into words so well. I am saddened by the loss of Junior, and the fate of the man's other cats. Is there any rescue or feral cat group near you who might be able to help? Are the cats at least spayed and neutered?

Insensitive tattoo man is an idiot. He does not reflect the entire human race, but unfortunately he is not the only one who cannot see that Junior and other kitties have incredible value, and their loss is a loss we all share. And Tony sounds like he is trying, but just doesn't have the knowledge or money to care for these animals properly.

The real culprit here in my mind is the person who did not spay and neuter Junior's parents. Not that I am saying he should never have exisited! But if people would simply spay and neuter their pets, and not dump them outside for other people to take in.

Anyhow...I don't mean to hijack your thread. But I do feel bad for your loss, and the lack of understanding about how this could happen to little Junior. Rest in peace, bounding boy. I'm sure you will greet zurryskies energetically someday, over the Rainbow Bridge!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't know what is up with the world lately. It seems to get worse and worse. I wish we could save all of the unloved & mistreated animals in the world, but unfortunetly we can't. RIP Junior.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Junior You made a positive difference in his life; you were the light in his dark days - it was more than food that he bounded towards, so happily. I, too, wish that his life could have been filled with toys, lounging in comfortable cat beds, "hanging out" in air conditioned comfort, etc. It is the right of every cat.
You are a true cat lover and your compassion for animals is very admirable. We here at TCS understand how you feel - you will read your thoughts expressed in so many ways here, esp. in the Caring for Strays and Ferals and Feline SOS forums. Your frustration is very understandable - we do have a very self-centered society and we seem to be teaching the next generations to be even more so. That is why the developers continue to plow up farmland and build yet ever more houses while the state's water concerns and energy crises continue to increase, and the voters have yet to "boot out" all our current legislators
But to Junior, and to the other cats you help, you are a beacon of hope, a guardian-angel and you are setting an example to others, whether you know it or not
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Junior, and look down on your dear benefactor, Zurryskies, and send her a sign that she is beautiful inside and out. Hugs, Susan
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RIP Junior, taken too young, but at least shown love and affection. I know you dont think you did enough for him, but you did more than his 'owner' ever did, and he showed his gratitude to him, and he will be grateful for that. Sending big hugs to you.
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Junior you poor sweet angel May you rest in peace over at the bridge, but have lots of fun with all your new friends

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Junior, continue to be that travelling light to the one that loved you the most. You will meet again sweet one.

Your words are wonderful. I agree with Beckiboo. The tattoo man is an idiot but he doesnt reflect the entire human race. You can only do so much as one person, and this you did. Junior knew this.


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RIP Junior You did everything you possible could for Junior, given the situation. He and the other cats were luck to have you to care for them. The multi-tattoo guy is a jerk! I can't stand people who value animal life so cheaply!

Play happily over the bridge, little guy!
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I'm so sorry about Junior.
My cat just died, so I know how you feel.
You took care of him in his life--and that's good, I'm sure he appreciated it.
Junior's at the Rainbow Bridge now.
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