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Newbie California cat lover, with a new cat.

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Hi everyone!

I know I'm going to end up being like one of those ladies with 20 cats running around their homes. I can't resist the strays around my house, they always eventually become part of the family. I currently have a 17 year old calico, a 4 year old mix bengal/tabby looking guy, and a few dogs and birds. I'll post some pics of the kitties shortly.

Last month I began feeding a stray who was extremely skinny. He has a cough, some occasional eye discharge, and somehow managed to lose half his tail. We'll be taking him to the vet soon, before I move him into the house, as I don't want my other cats to catch anything. Since then, he's gained about 4 pounds, and continues to eat like a horse (which I think is a very good sign). I'll post some recent pics of him -

Anyone want to guess what type of cat he might be? Bombay, maybe? My family calls him "Fang" because he has huge teeth, but I think he looks more like a "Max." He has a strange personality, he's a fiesty guy, but laid back and mellow most of the time. A "sleeper."

This looks like a great forum. I think I'll enjoy talking to you guys on here.
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wow, welcome! max looks awesome...even looked right into the camera hehe
have fun on the forum, a lot of info available and everyone is so friendly!

have a good one!
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Welcome to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.

Max is a fine looking boy. He looks a lot like my Eric. Even their personalities sound alike. Eric can be feisty or relaxed and laid back- depends on his mood at the time. The best thing is that he's usually in his laid back mood when I give him his daily meds.
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Welcome to TCS! Max is gorgeous I'd love to see your calico - I'm very fond of calicoes Bless you for rescuing this wonderful boy - he's very photogenic. I currently have a stray that i thought was really feral, but he tamed down in about 2 months, so I think he maybe got lost as a kitten. I'm going to take him to the vet as soon as he feels comfortable being handled - he has a notched ear & part of an ear missing so i think that he's been TNR'd; I just don't want him to run off after I take him to the vet - we're working on bringing him inside the house first. See ya in the forums! Susan
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Welcome and Hello I love you cat fang too cute black cats are some of my fav cats.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi there! Welcome to the forum! That kitty is gorgeous and so photogenic!!!
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Hi Crystal, and welcome to TCS! It's wonderful that you've rescued this beautiful kitty! He's really gorgeous!

If you have any questions, or need any help here, feel free to click on my username and send me a private message, and I'll do my best to help you!

I hope to see you around the boards, and eventually see a picture of your gorgeous newbie lounging on your couch!
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Oh, the sweetie! He looks a lot like my Loki! I just love black kitties! Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Crystal and Furbabies:

OH, he's GORGEOUS!!! I love all cats and have never met one I didn't love, but somehow I'm partial to little black shorthaired males, like your guy, who looks like a black domestic shorthair with possibly a Siamese mom or dad -- does he have a loud, hoarse, insistent voice? If so, then he's probably a meezer... He looks a LOT like my L.B.T.C., a/k/a Little Black Talking Cat or Talker, who came to me in my old neighborhood and promptly took over my heart. His personality resembles your guy's too...and he also has huge teeth! I love him sooo much, and I'm one of those "cat people", too, a lifelong rescuer. Currently I live with 9 and have 12 in sanctuary, due to impending divorce/forced relocation to a city, with its stupid quotas -- we live out in the desert, and have acreage and stables, which we converted into comfortable and secure living quarters for 13 of our rescues; but one day my husband woke up and decided to break all his promises to us, so of those 13, 1 is with me and 12 are in sanctuary. The "9" range in age from 16+ down to 2 years, and they are the light of my life! I miss the "12" more than words can say, but am so glad I got them to safe haven and into loving care. Anyway, good to meet you and hope to talk to you soon!
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