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Dwarf hamster?

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Someone posted on craigslist right here in Kent that when one of the students moved out of the frat house they left a little hamster in a tiny tiny plastic container with a couple leaves and nothing elseON THE FRONT PORCH. So I went and picked him up today (how could I ignore an ad like that and risk her going to some other dumb student who will move out in a few months and leave her again?)

So ya now she has a 10 gallon glass aquarium, corn cob bedding, an apple hut to hide in, a hamster wheel, food and water, etc...

She is cute, but a bit nippy. I think she is a dwarf. I will attempt a picture...

Isn't she adorable?

Anyone experienced with these little guys? Any advice?

I think I will name her Laverne. I don't know why. If it is a boy it will be Fredrick, but I am pretty sure it's a girl, boys are usually pretty obvious. Can't hold her really yet, she freaks out and jumps, luckily she jumped back into her tank...but I will give her a few days before attempting to turn her over to look.

ooo on a side note: woo hoo check out my fingernails in the second picture! I never could grow my nails long before and now they are suddenly growing long! I am happy about that!
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I just got a dwarf hammy-- Her name is Sparkle and shes a winter white russian dwarf-- shes white with dark grey stripe down her back-- I really need a pic of her bad.

They generally arent as long lived as the regular larger hammies from what I have read but I had several regular hammies when i was growingup that lived well beyond their expected life. I had one that lived 8 years! Im hoping sparkle will stay with us for quite awhile too--

One word on dwarves-- should you need to transport or move Laverne into a wire cage it needs to be a cage for MICE! not hamsters! dwarves can fit thru the bars on the regular cages--

I give Sparkle (and my gerbils as well) empty toliet paper rolls to play in each month. They love em--

They are great pets! Enjoy Laverne!
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She looks exactly like my last dwarf girl, Eudora!

I fostered some dwarfs a few years ago for my local shelter after a women surrendered twenty of them- most unsocialized and pregnant. One female I took home to foster was a biter and very territorial of her cage. I got her to trust me by opening the cage door and holding my palm flat with some sunflower seeds in it. That way I wasn’t invading her space or forcing her to be held, and she inturn learned that she would be rewarded if she came out to play. Not sure if that helps any with your girl if she is still nervous, but thought I’d throw it out there!

A very good hamster site I used to use when I was fostering and later dealing with Eudora’s diabetes was www.hamsterific.com There were many knowlegeable people on the boards there and so much valuable information there that I hope you check it out!
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Just rescued a hamster myself. Thought it was a dwarf, but they told me at the animal shelter it was a regular size hamster, doesn't seemlike 6 inches to me! (Two hamsters roamed onto my property. I caught one, but the other kept going & probably perished. I brought my rescuee to the shelter, but the next day I was back asking for it. After a health check, he was available, so I paid to adopt the hamster I rescued.)
They are endearing little things, with more personality than other rodentia I have known.
Dwarf hamsters are said to be nippier & more susceptible to diabetes, so you might have to be careful with sweeter fruits.
There are good sites with hamster information on the web.
I think we both have good times with our little hammies ahead!
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I'm soo glad you rescued her! At least now she is safe and sound with you
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What a sweetie pie! At least she has a good home now!
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oh she is a cutie pie ! and so great that she has a new lovin mom ! and lots of places to have fun

I was very interested to read the other posts......so, if poss, can you hamster people post some more photos pleeeze - they are so cute !! we love them

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Aww! What a cutie! She's a dwarf alright. I've had my current Campbell dwarf for over a year (and I know what you mean by "nippy".. he bites a lot!), and I recently got a female Syrian from a friend. I'm glad you gave her a good home. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer them. Here's a picture of each of mine..

Carmie (short for "Caramel"), my male Russian Campbell dwarf.

Buttercup, my female Syrian.

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