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CeCe needs your help.................

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Cool kitty CeCe needs everyone's prayers.................

We just found out she has cancer and shes only 7 months old!
Maia's best friend......

And a fisher.................

It was a routine spay.......our love goes to you CeCe!
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Oh no! My heart just shattered...

Sending lots and lots of healthy vibes to pretty little CeCe, and to you.
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Awww, I'm so sorry. My kitty Rocky is sending vibes to your little Ce Ce.
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We all hope Ce Ce will get better. We are with you.
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Oh my word this is so sad I'm so sorry for the poor baby Sending Ce Ce (((((mega healthy vibes)))))
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Oh no! Poor sweet CeCe!

Sending tonnes of Health }}}VIBES{{{ and many to you both
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Oh my Gosh I am so sorry Bless her sweet little heart. You will both be in my prayers.
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How's CeCe doing? What was the vet's prognosis for her? Is it treatable?

I've been keeping little CeCe in my thoughts, and sending her lots of healthy vibes!
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I am sorry to hear that. I hope this is treatable. She's in my prayers.
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*hugs* to you cheylink, i hope CeCe will be okay
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I'm praying for precious little CeCe.
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Update on CeCe..................

Poor little girl had a mass removed from her paw, but they are worried they could'nt get it all. Home today, apt. tomorrow to remove leg cast and see how the healing process is, if none, amputation.
Thankyou everyone for supporting CeCe, it is my kitty's best friend(Maia), my best friends kitty.......I have let her know all the support everyone is giving. Thankyou to Rosiemac and Bella's mom, our prayers go to Bella to................
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CeCe is in my prayers!!! Poor baby!
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Lots of powerful, healing vibes your way for CeCe - from my SiSi watching in heaven. She's beautiful and she looks very loved. Prayers for you!
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I am so, so sorry. you and CeCe will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, how awful! Plenty of healing vibes for sweet CeCe!
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Oh, poor CeCe! We lost our siamese to cancer almost three years ago. CeCe will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers!
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Hello everyone. This is CeCe (Cecilia's) mom. I am very greatful for my very dear friend putting up this posting and opening the door to all of your wonderful prayers and positive energy. The vet has said the tissue around the area which had been removed (the mass cell tumor) has healed slightly which is good news as bad/cancerous tissue does not heal. Please continue with you thoughts and prayers as I wish the same for your best friends as well. On her and my behalf I want to tell you how much we appreciate it and now really understand the value of a community like this.

Danielle and CeCe
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CeCe is definitely still in my thoughts, and still sending lots of healthy vibes to her! I'm glad there is some good news from the vets and that the tissue is healing.
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Sending lots of good vibes CeCe's way
She is a beautiful girl
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I hope that the operation is a success and CeCe is no longer bothered with this terrible disease at so young an age.
Another cat, an old one, on this forum had one leg amputated for a tumour and is apparently doing just fine. Hopefully CeCe won't need another operation like this.
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Hi everyone, just wanted to say thankyou for all your prayers and blessings! CeCe is showing signs of improvement, and Her big mom and I both feel much of this is due to all the positive thoughts,vibes, blessings, towards her. Maia and I will be visiting her next week for a couple of days and we are looking forward to seeing her! She loved to watch Maia and I when we would visit, the way we played together, slept together, These two truely are friends! This pic of them eating and drinking out of CeCe's bowls really blew me away when Danielle showed me!

CeCe is a beautiful, googlely eyed kitty, who is so grateful for all your blessings!
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