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Zyrus and Kita

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I am bawling as I write this but I need to get this out.

My best friend has made the decision to put her two dogs to sleep this afternoon. I do not respect this decision at all, but it is her decision and I can not convince her otherwise.

Zyrus & Kita, darlings, please know how much I love you both. I can not imagine live without you both and I hope so much that your journey to the bridge this afternoon is peaceful and quick. I am so sorry that your Mum has made this decision but know you will continue to be happy and run free once you reach the bridge.

I will never ever forget you both. I will light a candle to guide you home

sweet journey Zyrus & Kita

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I'm sorry she made that decision...

Zyrus and Kita, play and run free, sweet pups. There is nothing but love and sunshine at the Bridge...
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Our TCS lot over RB will be there to meet you, Zyrus and Kita. Please join my darling Tasha in guarding the gates of Heaven, dear little Lex, Humbug and all the rest will be well protected....
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Dan that's so sad, the poor babies

No one can put you to sleep where your going now you sweet angels, so have a wonderful time at the bridge, but no chasing the kitties up the trees!!

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I so sorry for your heavy sadness.

Rest in peace Zyrus and Kita. Sweet journey.
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I'm so sorry Dan

RIP Zyrus and Kita
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I'm so sorry may Zyrus and Kita RIP
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Rest in Peace little sweeties
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I'm so sorry this has happened, how sad!

Play happily at the bridge babies!
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Oh no, Dan. I'm so very sorry you're having to experience this loss after the relationship you've developed with these pups. I hope this isn't a decision that she will deeply regret in the future. Zyrus & Kita, you live on in our hearts.
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How sad! I am sorry for this difficulty in your friendship, and for the loss of Zyrus and Kita!
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Oh no, Danielle! I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this

Play happily over the rainbow bridge sweet pups, play with our RB kitties and bask in the beautiful sunshine!

RIP Zyrus and Kita
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Two babies starting a new life again so soon.....R.I.P babies play happily at the bridge sweeties

Please don't think you failed these babies Danielle,You did all you could. and that is all you can do.
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