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Friday's DT

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I woke up grumpy this morning. Guess I should have let him sleep. :LOL: :laughing: :LOL: :laughing:

I understand he(hubby)has good reason to be so crabby, but I wish he wouldn't take it out on me.

He has a tooth ache, and can't get in to see the dentist till August!!! And now he has somehow managed to get poisen ivy on his arms, and he works in the heat most days, he is a glass glazier, which is someone who puts glass into car windshields, windows (homes and businesses) etc....so many times he is out in the heat installing glass.

This morning I asked "How do you feel this morning" and his rather crabby reply was..."About what????"

I just left him alone after that. But I heard him ranting as he left the house about how he hated his job and was working for nothing. (he needs a raise) He has been there 10 years or so.

Other than that....today will be a pretty good day for me, I think. Of course I'm out of the heat now....not getting paid yet, though....the lady from the clinic who fills out the disability papers filled them out wrong....she only put in the 6 weeks after the baby is born, and not the time the doctor has taken me off work right now. So I have to take the papers back in with me on Monday when I have my next appointment, and start all over with that. My doctor is on vacation till the 30th, so I will have to explain the whole situation to a doctor I have never seen before and hope he signs the papers so I can get paid for being at home right now.

I am meeting a friend for lunch today, we are going to try out the new chinese buffet in town.

And there is a store that sells used baby clothes (they look like new) that is having a summer clearance, so we are going to check that out, too.

It will be 90 something degrees here today.

hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!!!!!
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I am very tired today - I have been having problems sleeping again. Oh well. I may get busy at work today as alot of people have called in sick.

Hubby is stressing me out. Ever since he got his new computer there have been problems with it - it has been back to the store 4 times since when he got it (2 wks). I feel like a computer widow! I never see him - he is always with the beast. When I do see him all he talks about is the computer. I can hear him in the basement swearing at it. Last night we had to bring it back again and we decided we would go when I got back fom work and stop off at the petsmart on the way home after. The store closes at 7 and it takes at least 1/2 an hour to get there by car. Normally I am home by 5:30, but there was horrid traffic so i wasn't home until after 6. He started complaining that it was my fault that I was let - hey - I depend on public transportation - I have no say in the matter. He was on about it all night and in a miserable mood. We did get there in time but that still didn't improve his disposition. He said some mean things last night and I ended up crying. Just because he is miserable why does he have to take it out on me. I have been nothing but supportive about the flipping computer. URGH!

Plus he won't let me let Sugarly out of isolation into the computer boxes are cleaned up because he doesn't want to stress her out. She has been in isolation for over a week now and is howling to get out. I spend as much time as possible with her. Hubby spends hardly any because he won't leave the computer!

Ok I am done my venting now - thanks!
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I am fighting what I think might be a touch of some kind of stomach bug (flu???) So far, I have been living off Tums and Gravol. It's been going on since yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, it'll pass, if not, I'm in for an interesting day. Sipping on a diet coke and hoping for the best.

Love the "waking up grumpy". I am definately going to use that one! I really hate when hubby is in a bad mood and it rubs off on me.

Debby, have a great lunch. Hope your disability papers get cleared up. Too bad you have to wait until the 30th. Seems so far away.
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Nothing much to do today. I'm bored as usual at work. Thank gosh its Friday though. Its suppossed to rain today and be 90+ degrees. I leave in 8 days for vacation! Yeah! Hubby and I are going to Washington D.C. I can't wait to see all the cool stuff like the FBI building, the Nat'l Aquarium, the White House, etc. Have a good day. :daisy:
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It, really IS Friday, for a change! I've been off, the past two days and the schedule wasn't up, when I left on Tuesday. Checked in, last evening - I have the weekend off!

Bill and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner, last night. I got my surprise, too. He bought me a snub-nosed .38 and 200 rounds of ammo. We're going to try to go target shooting, soon.

Ike tried to convince the water meter reader that he was going to eat him, this morning. I'm glad that we have a six-foot fence. I'm even more glad that Ike is such a good watchdog. He, probably, WOULD eat anyone, who came into the yard.

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Well it is home time in about 10 minutes so I just wanted to wish everyone a great weekend! Talk to you Monday!
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I've been busy, busy. busy this morning. Morning - ha! It's already 3:30. It makes the day go by fast, but I don't have a chance to check in here.

My direct supervisor has been a real witch lately. She really hates it here, and I think she's just miserable and taking it out on the only person she can and that's me. Still, making my life heck doesn't make your life any better. She's been on me about overtime, which I barely get. Hounding me every day - Are you taking lunch? Yes, I take lunch most every day. I haven't had to work through lunch for at least a couple months now. I also think she's a little jealous that the owners all *like* me and appreciate the work I'm doing, and tell me that I'm doing a good job. She's burned enough little bridges that now she's paranoid about them. So she make it a point to tell me any little thing that I did wrong, and do little things that are supposed to be my job (like checking the faxes, which I have told her that when the boss comes and does it I feel like I'm not doing my job - he doesn't mean anything by it, he's just nosey. But she's like me with dropping hints and being subtle.)

Anyway, I'm actually in a pretty good mood today. Just thought I would add to everyone's vent session.

Have a great weekend!
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