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Crazy Cat

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I adopted my cat from a shelter when I had an internship and was working 9-5. I would come home at 5 and we would play a little bit, but when it was time to sleep, he would usually sleep with me.

Now I am at school and am at class from 9-5. I stop at home for dinner and to play with him, but then I usually go to the library from about 7-10. When I come home, he just goes crazy. His pupils get HUGE and he just runs around from one end of my apartment to the other while meowing very loudly the whole time. Sometimes he will stop and look at me, but when I turn to look at him, it seems like he gets freaked out and he continues running around. By the time I go to sleep around 12 or 1, he is still going crazy. I don't think he sleeps until way after I do. Is this normal?
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I think he gets to little stimulation from being alone to much. If you can get him a cat-friend it would probably solve the problem.
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I agree with the cat-friend being a good suggestion.

But the "cat-frenzy" race-steeplechases is pretty normal, and most people think it is quite fun. As usually it isxx quite merry, one can see the cat enjoys it too.

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That's what Cobee would do when Jenn and I would come home... which is why he has 4 furry friends now (ok well he was only suppose to have one... but my heart was a little to open and all the kitties needing homes just cried to me lol - no we didnt get them all at once but very, very close together lol) Anyway I hope your kitty settles in...also it might just be because it's a new schedule your fur babe is use to having you at home from 5 on... and now oyu leave and it confuses him. He may just need a bit of time to adjust

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I definitely agree that your kitty needs another friend (I don't think we could handle Spike if we didn't have Oz to keep him company). Most people think of cats as solitary creatures, but they're not, and although they do spend a lot of the day sleeping, when they are awake they want to play and run around, and during the day they can get quite bored.

Have you tried playing with your cat before you leave and when you get home? There are a lot of great toys out there (fishing rod-type toys being extremely popular; check out Da Bird and the Cat Dancer for favourites), and playing with your cat not only helps to calm him down, but it also improves the bond between you and keeps the cat in good shape (plus it does wonders for you, too!). Because our cat Spike is a little hyperactive (okay, honestly, he's a fully grown cat with the mind and energy levels of a kitten -- yikes!), we have scheduled playtime with him just before we go to bed. We normally play for about half an hour (but even ten or fifteen minutes would be good), then we feed the cats and go to bed. It's suggested that feeding cats after a stimulating play session is helpful because their prey drive is elevated during play, and the food is their "reward" for a successful "hunt." My boyfriend also plays (very aggressively) with Spike when he has a free moment, and during the day Spike and Oz keep each other company. Although Spike is still extremely rambunctious, he's calmed down a lot since we began encouraging more playtime while we're at home.
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Thanks for all the replies.

I really would like to get him another friend, but it would be hard because I would never be home with them and because my apartment doesn't allow pets!!! Is there something I could get besides another cat? ...like a fish? haha

I play with him for 15 minutes in the morning before I go to school and 15 minutes in the evening when I get back. I try to play with him and stuff whenever I get a chance, but it's hard because I have so much work to do and have a somewhat demanding schedule.

I was considering giving him to a family or something to take care of him. I wouldn't want to do that unless it was absolutely necessary, but I sometimes think it might be better for him in the long run. It's definitely not that I don't love him and all that stuff, but even if I do, what good is it to him if I can't give him the attention and playtime and stuff that he needs, right?
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Now when you explain it is still more apparent it would we swell with a cat-pal. To have two cats who are friends is usually easier than have one. They play with each other, they are company to each other. You dont need to have bad conscience, your 15 minutes of play will be enough.
The caretaking istn much bigger either, not so long they are healthy.
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I don't really think getting another cat would be good for me right now. I'm a college student with a pretty busy schedule and my apartment doesn't even allow pets. Is there any alternative? I really would feel much better if he had another friend. What does everyone else with single cats do?
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I wish I had better advice to give you.

I had a single cat for a few weeks, and found that my cat was very bored since we work all day and have weird schedules. We also got another furbaby, and it made a big difference. Honestly,, it's no more expensive, and it's alot easier to deal with.

1 or 2 cats,, they aren't gonna make a difference,, if you have a cat and aren't suppose too,, what's another one gonna do.

You might want to invest in a cat sitter dvd and play that. I don't know if it works, but it might help stimulate.

Can you give up more then 15 minutes a day for your cat?? Instead of doing the 7 to 10 at the library, try 7 to 9,, or 8 to 10. Can you play with your furbaby for an while after you get home. Or come home for lunch??
Do you have any friends who can stop by and chill out for a bit at your place and play with your furbaby,, maybe it'd be a perk to watch tv and play with the cat. Or I know some places have cat watchers,, where they'll stop by for an hour or so if you pay them to play with your cat.....

HOpe that helps
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I play with him 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes around 5 or 6, and 15 minutes before we sleep, but whenever I leave and come back, he just wants to play more. I try to give him all the time I can, but it never seems like enough...

How much are those cat sitter DVDs? Would they be at Petsmart or something? I might just have to get another kitty...
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Is it possible for you to consider letting your cat live with someone who's either home more often, doesn't have a threat of eviction hanging over their heads from the landlord (they're known to just enter apts if someone has a leak, etc.), or something? It really sounds like you didn't think very carefully when you brought him home.
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