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My cat just underwent a serious Surgery last tuesday and i need some advice...

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Munchkin just recently underwent Surgery for tense stomach. The doctor told me that it was over enlarged lymph nodes in her abdoman/ intestinal region. This caused her to vomit abnormally for a day or two. The cats live at my BF's house, as my parents won't allow cats to live in my house, and i have tried to convince them. His parents are very possesive, and although i pay for their food, vet bills, and other care - i hold their records and what not- they believe that since they have 'raised' cats in the past (very poorly i might add... like a little old lady who is feeding a colony!!! just getting cheap-o brands, causing their teeth to rot in their old age, and not bringing them to the vet regularly... esh!), they feel the need to take over the situation, using the tactic "my word is law or the cats leave".

Getting the cats out of the house right now is not an option. I am only in highschool, and he is starting college. Although the cats are supposed to be on a serious scedual (sp?!) with feeding and playtime, his parents go against that. My other cat "Tai" is not picky at all with food, and eats anything provided to him. This includes the friskies left out for their own kittens... but his younger sister's sometimes give them the friskies... they have no idea either... "Tai" is a blimp! This was the first time i have ever seen him in a month and he is huge!!! I am getting very annoyed, as this may effect his health in the future if this keeps up!

ANYWAY!!!, i was checking munchkin's surgical healing ( i work for the vet, and it is routine to do after a few days no matter how little surgury was done.), and she was growling at me when i rubbed my hand gently across the area to see what would be her response. SHe was not happy.

I sent her home that wednesday with simple but sturn instructions:
*keep her in an open, yet confined area at all times as to not harm herself as she does have 3 sets of inturnal surtures.
*Feed 1 tablespoon low residue euk cat food, once per day to monitor her eatting and see if she vomits at all...only up amounts when told to do so, other wise keep at that.
*no treats, and do not let her wander (they have 2 of their own kittens, and they may rile her up, they have a table and an island that she jumps to (high jump that she mostly misses and falls- not good for recovery, and i was conserned for her healing and safety)

I cried to my BF in the car earlier about the fact that they have no idea what they are doing. This is what his father told me:
* he was letting her out of the room she was in
*she was jumping onto the island - she can tear her inturnal sutures
*He had fed her again tonight, and i hope that he didnt upset her tender stomach.

my boyfriend tells his parents this and what i have said, but they tell him that i am being too possesive and don't know what i am doing or saying...

Question 1: Am i wrong to be overprotective, and wish for this cat to be put in a room where she will not be hurt until her sutures heal and we definately know what is wrong with her and fix the problem?

Question 2: Does anyone have any ideas about what is wrong with her? The doctor told me that it was either a FOOD ALLERGY,a INFLAMITORY BOWEL DISEASE, OR a BACTERIAL INFECTION... She is being treated for a Bacterial infection now and her stomach is normal again, andless tense, but sore... any advice or ideas... mail me or post back... i ill check both!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
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I have no idea what to say with regards to the medical issues. I just wanted offer some sympathy to you. It must be horrible for you knowing that your cat is so ill, but that the people taking care of her aren't interesting in doing what is right. I think your demands are totally reasonable. Is there anyway that you could get a letter from a vet with specific instructions for your bf's parents? They probably don't see you are being a good source (no matter how wrong they are), since you are a teen, but they can't argue with a vet.

I hope that you are able to get your kitties back soon.
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Thank you! I love how everyone who reads my posts, no matter how odd the questions or situation may be, are to kind and offer the best advise they can... please post more... i'm going to write the letter, and fax it from the animal hospital- i work their, type up the letter w/ logo letterhead and then have him proof read it and sign it at the bottom them fax it... his parents will get it, but it will be addressed to my BF from the doctor! Thank you!!
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You have gotten yourself into a pretty bad situation. I really can't say that I blame your boyfriends parents for acting the way they do. I'm thinking about what I'd do in their situation. Their sons girlfriend brought some cats over to live with them, but they're not really theirs. You don't even have any plans to move the cats out. Your in highschool, and your parents won't allow them. Yet you want every say on what goes on with the cats that you don't even live with. Like you said, you hadn't even seen the cats in a month! I wouldn't consider these cats yours right now. You say the cats are suppost to be on a serious schedule in regaurds to feeding. I can't say that if I was your boyfriends parents I'd take to lightly to you telling them what to do, unless you were paying for their board. They are being nice enough to let you keep your cats there. I'd just let that stuff go. I'm really sorry if I'm coming off rude, but I think you expected too much when your took your cats to live with your boyfriends parents. It would be nice too if they chose to feed their cats 'good' food, but they don't, so it's only likely that yours will be exposed to it. Answers to your questions:
1. No, your not wrong to want what's best for the cat. Perhaps since the cats caregivers are not willing to comply with what you want, you could board the cat somewhere until the sutures are healed.
2. Sorry, I don't know what what might be wrong. I've never had any experience with stomache problems.
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