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"They'll be back soon, Oscar" vibes

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So as some of you know, Trav and I are going to Tennessee this weekend. We are leaving tomorrow morning at 6am and coming back Monday evening. I am like a nervous mother when I leave Oscar alone. My parents are coming over sometime this weekend to check on him and spend time with him for a bit. We did the same thing when we went to SC last year. I think about him all weekend and miss him so much. He already knows something is up because he saw the suitcase, sniffed, and acted really weird towards us. He gets upset with us. It takes me like 15 minutes to say good-bye to him when we leave him....even if its overnight I am worried sick like any mother would be and I know he will be fine but could you guys send some "They'll be back in a few days" vibes to Oscar? That would help a lot and certainly make me feel better......
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Oh Courtney, I know how you feel! (even though I've only left my babies for one night! )

Sending many Calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you and Oscar You'll be back together in no time!

Tibby: Oscar, what time should be get round for the catnip party?
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Woohoo! Party at Oscar's then? What time should Jaffa and Mosi turn up? I'll give them a good grooming and pack them off with a tin of almo nature each to help the party go with the swing. Jaffa says he hopes there'll be plenty of 'nip so that they can all get stoned after they've gorged on the almo nature - perhaps he should bring some along just to be on the safe side?
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It's a weekend long party here so come Friday night....Definately BYON(bring your own 'nip) I have some but not a lot so just to be stocked........Be here at 8 tonight and it'll last all weekend!

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Poor Oscar and poor you Courtney!!! I think we can all relate to how horrible it feels leaving our babies....but Oscar will be loved by his surrogates in the meantime and you'll be reunited before you know it (Sending him some "They'll be back soon" vibes too!)
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Party time at Oscar's! Ari will be there with a milkshake machine. He promises not to dance and make milkshakes at the same time. (I think there are still bits of milkshake on the ceiling at Smudge's Cafe.)
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Don't worry Oscar, my mommy has left me with my Grandma once!! I even stayed at the vet's for like 3 nights once!! It's really not that bad, if you know they are coming back!!

I'll be at that partay!!!! Are there gonna be girls? Any lady friends for me? Oh yeah never mind, im neutered! My mommy never lets me out of the house, so I don't know how im gonna get there, but whatever.

See ya later dudes, Willie!
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