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Dunkin says it's way to hot

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How could you not Love this face, he must be to warm they like to get in the sink or the tub

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Now that is one contented kitty! I wish I could get that comfortable....well, anywhere, let alone in a sink!!
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He fills that sucker to all the way around, he did weigh 17 lbs but now that he's gotten a little older and taller he weighs about 151/2 ..
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Well Mr Dunkin you certainly did find a nice spot to chill out in!

Zissou is jealous, my sink has toothpaste gunk in it so she can't lay in it. Just the bathtub, which she meows in protest about because of course it's not as good and the drain leaks.

Incidentally, your bathroom is gorgeous. If I had a digital camera, I'd take a picture of mine... let's just say, if you grew up in the 70s you'd feel like a kid again. Yellow-flecked tiles, countertop with those weird gold swirls, that weird brown porcelain enameled tub/sink/toilet... your bathroom looks like a faucet commercial. I actually noticed that before the cat. Sorry Dunkin! You're beautiful too!
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That is too funny!!!!
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Awww, bless! Dunkin certainly looks relaxed in his basin! Lucky you have two, so you don't have to disturb him!
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Awww bless his little cotton socks!. Dunkin your so sweet there and the sink fits you perfectly
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Aww, bless him

My old cat Saffy used to get in the bath tub and sit in the sink
She used to sit on the side of the bath if you were in it and play with the bubbles
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Miniman decided to try out the tub

Then he decided to take Dunkin's place in the sink

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Awwwwwwwww They certainly love that sink!
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Miniman decided he needed more room So he moved to the bathtub

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Those pictures are tooo cute
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