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Well I think I finally got through to my parents. My stepfather recently got a new flight bag and well....Bunny peed in it today. This has been a problem for a while. So this is what I told my Mother:

#1. She needs to go to the vet and get a total checkup. It could be an infection like a UTI, nerves, etc...but you don't know if you don't take her! She could be trying to say 'Helloooo People! I don't feel good!' and no one is listening to her.
#2. You cant scold her for it unless you catch her in the process or she doesn't even know what she's getting scolded for. (We have caught her before.)
#3. If it ends up being a behavior problem, there are things that can be done about that! Professionals to contact, etc!

She asked me to remind her at work in the AM to make a vet apt. I will defiantly be doing that. Does anyone have any suggestions on what she should ask the vet? She said the nurse at the vet's told her it was probably nerves but no testing was done. I told her to DEMAND they do blood work and get a urine sample or whatever they need to see if she has a UTI. Sheesh! Poor Bunny!