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Cat bites face while we sleep

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I just adopted an 8 month old female cat who is extremely affectionate. She gets affectionate while my husband and I are sleeping as well. She'll rub up against our faces and lick us, etc. But then she'll bite either my nose, mouth, ear, whatever she can get a hold of and it hurts! She doesn't draw blood, but this isn't acceptable to me.

I don't have kids right now, but plan to start a family in the next couple of years. This is not cool for the cat to do to a young baby/child.

How do I get her to stop biting us? Anyone else ever have this problem?

I currently have another female cat that is 2 1/2 years old and we've had her for 1 year already. She's completely cool and doesn't bite and is very well behaved. Locking the cats out of our room isn't an option because my older cat likes her in/out priviledges. HELP!!!

P.S. The rescue group said that if I should change my mind about the cat I adopted from them, I can return her if needed (and get a full refund). So although I'd like to keep her, I'm not going to be heartbroken if I do have to give her back. I guess my older cat has set some high expectations for me!
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I know, not a very cool way to get it, is it? If she is play biting, at least it is not aggression. First off, make sure she does not get what she wants from you when she bites you. So, if you jump up and chase her around the room or something, she may think that is a really wonderful new game.

Second, I am not sure if bitter apple can be used on your skin or not, but if it can, maybe you can rub some on the tip of your nose/ears/whatever to deter her or wear a strong cologne/perfume to bed. I find most cats really detest our perfumes.

I guess you could also sleep with an air horn or a squirt bottle and if she bites, zap her. Unfortunately, if you live in an apt. the air horn is not going to be popular! The key is to get her to associate something negative with biting you so she stops doing it. hth

As for a baby. When you do get preggo, set up the crib early and booby trap it. Then if the cat jumps in it, it will scare the bejeebers out of her and she won't want anything to do with the crib or the baby, once it is in the crib. Do the same with a bassinet if you are going to use one of those.
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Originally Posted by bronte73 View Post
If she is play biting, at least it is not aggression.
I agree. It isnt no agression. It is play biting or perhaps even love-biting, as she cuddles much with you otherwise.

The problem is she is doing it just a trifle too hard... She probably doesnt know it is too hard.

Not at all that unusual, common especially with kittens who were taken too early from mom and siblings, or being alone in the litter. The siblings didnt learned her to take it easy, or else!

So you must learn her. How? One is try to get her be closer pal with your cat, so your other cat will help to teach her.
You may also both say ouch and such aloud - or even hiss. So she understand the love bites are too hard.

Bronte did also give useful advices...

Good you have this shelter with professional approach, but do keep her. She loves you. You cant buy true love for money, you know. Save sometimes from a dog or a cat.

Good luck!
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