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You need to be commended for all you do for these sweet kitties!! Bless you!!!!
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Aww thankyou! I really appreciate that
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Thats great news about Keiko ..... may he continue to get better and better ...... that little growl butt !!!

I most certainly agree with Helen (Bella713) take such wonderful care of your fosters and it shows ..... the way you write about the them shows your deep love and concern..... the way you have fed them every 2-3 hours with interupted sleep ..... how you nurse them back to health ......and the way you love them
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Thankyou! You're very sweet. I think the term "little growl butt" suites him perfectly! lol- i have to start calling him that / When it comes down to it, well- i don't see how i could not foster and take care of those babies.- they're just soo little and sick. Most people aren't willing to take kitties in and foster them with their other animals nearby- especially with Ringworm, Cocidia, and Earmites (although the earmites are gone now- one time treatment rocks) If i don't- who will???There is such a need around Memphis/Bartlett for foster homes- soo many animals come in day in and day out due to irresponsible owners- it makes me feel good knowing that I can help. I think out of everything( work, school..) volunteering is on the top of my list- it's just where I feel I can make a difference. Those kittes are like my little babies...only with a little more hair and a lot more attitude. My friends know that when i'm fostering- i won't hang out more than a few hours so i don't miss a feeding- lol I have them trained too....half the time they come over and help feed them I've created kitty lovers!!! Even Colin comes over on his day off and helps with them- he's such a great boyfriend / I feel like a blob when i'm not fostering- it's like somethings missing. What's bad is when I go to the store or out somewhere- i will hear a noise and think it's one of the kittens lol..../ They're definitely worth the lack of sleep lol . I even plan my schedule around them during the day- it's awesome too, i got all of my college classes fixed just right so that I have time to come home throughout the day to feed them. I love it. Thankyou once again for your sweet comment! That made my day. . Keiko is still sound asleep- hopefully my little one will start to feel better soon. I'm really hoping he gets his strength up quickly so that he can start walking again. It seems like i'm being pagged by kenzie, or shall i say, little miss sassy pants- she wants some attention, so i'm gonna go and get her for a bit lol. I swear i have "sucker" written in red letters across my forehead. . Thankyou once again for sending sweet comment & vibes to Keiko!!!! Have a good one!
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I'm so glad to hear that Keiko is showing improvement, and that the vets were able to determine what the issue is so it can be treated. Kittens are too cute when they are trying to be so tuff! LOL

And I agree with the rest...your dedication and love for these needy babies is amazing. The world needs more angels like you!
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Well just an update- Kenzie, Keiko's little sis, started throwing up everywhere a few minutesago. So then I got to thinking- both of them vomited within about an hour or two of recieving their new medicine (it had enough time to absorb in their system and start helping them). So I figured- that it was just dispelling the cocidia and other junk from their stomaches so they can start to heal. So i called the vet to run that by them and that's what they said. They said not to worry- it's a normal side effect. So i'm glad it was nothing serious. They've been through way too much in their little lives- they just need to get better and be happy and playful like normal healthy kitties. I just gave them both a ton of Pedialyte and now they're sound asleep in their cages. I hope those babies start feeling better soon!.
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-So glad to hear he's doing better, and now you know what the problem was Hope they'll be back to their usual shenanigans soon!
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Aww, I am so glad he is fine. Your dedication shows in your posts, and it is fab that you are willing to do so much for the needy cats, it is fab there are people like you.
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I'm sorry i got to this thread too late. I read the whole lot and i'm so glad everything is ok. I cant wait to see pics of Keiko as a big kitty!
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hugs and {get better} vibes to both Keiko and Kenzie - may they both be up and running around very soon.

You are doing a wonderful job with them.
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Thankyou for your words of encouragement everyone! The kittens are sound asleep at the moment. . They're due for another feeding in a while. I'll try to get some pictures of them eithor tonight or tomorrow- they look pretty aweful...but I suppose I should take a before picture- so that as they improve, I can compare them . Thankyou everyone for keeping up with this amazing little guy's story. He's such a sweet kitten! He ate a good bit earlier...and seems to be keeping it down fairly well so that's encouraging- still no walking yet or control over his bowels. Hopefully that will improve soon. Kenzie's stomach settled down from earlier and she hasn't been sick since- so that's great too. I'll keep everyone posted!
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Thanks for the hugs!!
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Wow, I'm glad they seem to be picking up. What a terrible infection. A good thing you have a vet that checked that out.
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I swear!!!! I can't win for loosing. Kenzie (keiko's sis) just threw up everwhere again!!! My poor baby! I cleaned her up and disinfected her bedding. Now i'm doing yet another load of kitten laundry..../ I wish these poor babies would start to feel better. I just gave her a ton of pedialyte after this happened to give her extra electrolites. My poor furbabies are soo ill. This makes me soo sad sometimes- i hate to watch them go through this. She's vomiting as a result of the theoretically- it's cleaning out the coccidia from her system- it's just pittaful to watch the process. I'm doing everything I can to keep them hydrated. The vets said this was normal and not to worry- so i'm trying not to- but it's frusterating. I have her wrapped up in a blanket with me on the couch now. She's asleep...I hope she gets better soon. Keiko is snuggled up asleep in his cage at the moment- earlier he crawled with his front legs all the way from one end of the playpen to the other (i had him in there to stimulate him a bit and hopefully strengthen his back legs.). If anyone can spare some vibes for little Kenzie right now they'd be very appreciated!!!! My poor babies just aren't doing well. I hope tomorrow is a better day for them.
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Vibes headed your way most defintely !!! Poor babies and poor you, too .....!!!! Just keep hanging in there
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Thanks Pam! I really need vibes or something....humm...maybe sleep??? lol. The kittens are asleep for right now. I'm going to wake them up in a minute and feed them and medicate them before I get some sleep. I've had "Rebel Yell" stuck in my head all day- I think i need to just play it out on my guitar and get it out of my head before bed lol. Thankyou for the vibes!!! I appreciate it.

(By the way- i love the little picture movie you have for your kitties- i clicked on it under your siggy to distract myself- VERY CUTE!!!!!)
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Just a quick update- Both babies are looking better this morning!!!!
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That's good....
Lots of healing vibes on the way for those sweetie pies.
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Just a quick update- Both babies are looking better this morning!!!!
Thats GREAT news, Nikki !!!

Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
(By the way- i love the little picture movie you have for your kitties- i clicked on it under your siggy to distract myself- VERY CUTE!!!!!)
Thank you ....
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I'm glad to hear Keiko and his sister are doing better. I'll keep sending vibes your way.
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Just checking in on you, Keiko and Kenzie ........I read where you were considering going to the hospital .... certainly hope you are feeling better !!! Give us an update on the babies ..........
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I hope that both of your tiny babies are doing better, I'll be thinking about you all!!
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Just an update: Kenzie is a bunndle of fire today lol and is feeling much better. She's playing with everything and is back to her normal little sassy pants antics . Keiko looks a bit better too He's crawling everywhere and hopefully will regain strength in his back legs to start walking again soon! Both are eating a ton and gaining weight. I'm still having a bit of an issue keeping Keiko's bottom clean- since he can't walk- he can't get in the litter pan or out of i have pee pee pads in his carrier to help with the mess and I try to clean him off everytime he uses the bathroom- but sometimes it's easy to I'm having issues keeping his bottom clean. I clean him off everytime I have him out (which is a lot)...I've been using very gentle baby wipes. However, since he has had no control over his bowels...the urin/feces is irritating his skin on his bottoms- and to make matters worse- the ringworm issues doesn't help! So I called the vet and asked what I should put on it to help him and he said Tucks pads were safe to use on his bottom for now and to keep using the ringworm meds too.- so thankfully, that seems to be helping him. Hopefully he will start walking soon!!! If you sweet folks don't mind- Keiko sure could use some "walking" vibes today! Thankyou everyone!
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This sounds a lot like what my Scooter went through. He was a bottle baby and seemed to be thriving until he was weaned and put on regular food. The first thing we noticed was he was a little wobbly which escalated to him being unable to walk and being unable to pee and poop without stimulation. The vet diagnosed him with rickets and possibly neurological problems. Then he started having seizures. It took a long time for the correct diagnosis but he ended up having a portosystemic shunt. I doubt your kitty has this as it is very rare in cats but if he doesn't start getting better you might consider getting him tested for it. Good luck and I hope he starts improving.
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That is definitely a possible scenario- if he doesn't improve i will most definitely ask the vet about it. We however are definite that it was a seizure because I witnessed it several times. However, there could also be more issues and damage with that though- so thankyou for your story! I will ask the vet this week about it. I just had the kittens out playing a minutes ago....they're soo sweet! I just snapped a ton of cute pictures of them- so i will start a new thread in the fur pictures section in a little while for them
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I just posted a new little thread of pictures I took of Keiko & Kenzie !!!
Check um out! They're dolls!!!!
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I just caught up on Keiko and Kenzie. Here's some major {{{{get better}}}} and {{{start walking}}} vibes for Keiko. The poor little guy- he's been through so much. It's good to hear that Kenzie is apparently on the mend and back to her sassy self.

It's amazing what you are doing for these babies. Your love and dedication are obvious. And dealing with your own medical problems has to add to the stress. Hang in there and keep up the good work.
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Originally Posted by Jean44 View Post
I just caught up on Keiko and Kenzie. Here's some major {{{{get better}}}} and {{{start walking}}} vibes for Keiko. The poor little guy- he's been through so much. It's good to hear that Kenzie is apparently on the mend and back to her sassy self.

It's amazing what you are doing for these babies. Your love and dedication are obvious. And dealing with your own medical problems has to add to the stress. Hang in there and keep up the good work.
Thankyou! I really appreciate that. I go back to the doctor tomorrow after class so i'm definitely NOT looking foward to that . It's a necessary evil i suppose lol. / It is soo nice to have the love and support of everyone on TCS. Kenzie is definitely back to her sassy self- would someone please inform her that she is NOT royalty!!!! Goodness! She's only a few weeks old and is already making her demands known. She's sitting up here with me at the moment perched on my shoulder like a little parrot- what a cutie!. Keiko is sound asleep in his carrier with his stuffed animal and his favorite little mouse toy. I really hope he starts walking again soon. I've been doing little exercises on his legs that the vet showed me to help strengthen them...i've also had him out on different surfaces to get him used to rolling over and strengthening his muscles- seems to be working- he's looking much better today. I posted some cute pictures of them in the fur pictures thread if you want to check them out!
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Adding {{{prayers and vibes}}}} for Keiko, and for Kenzie, and for you - I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and hope that the docs can help you become healthy again - your babies need you so much! And I look forward to reading your posts
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