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Keiko needs some vibes!!!  

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Today I came home from the grocery store and was taking my foster kittens out of their cages to feed them when I noticed Keiko wasn't acting like himself. This was odd because he was seemingly healthy and is catching up on his weight- he weighs almost 15oz now (when I rescued them, he only weighed 3 1/2 oz and was about to die). I immedately got some pedialyte in him and put him in the car to take to the shelter. On the way up there, he started to have a seizure in the car. It was soo sad / When we got there, I gave him some IV fluids to help him out. He's doing a bit better now - he's resting in his carrier on a heating pad & his kitty bed. Hopefully he will feel better soon. If you don't mind, could you spare some vibes & prayers for the little one. He's had a rough day, and he really didn't like it when his meowmy " rudly stabbed him with an iv needle and held him down. He looked so sad- he didn't understand what his meowmy was doing to him. He thought i was torturing him,- he looked like I had just shattered his little heart and betrayed him...I felt so bad for him, but I gave him the IV anyways- i'm not taking any chances with my furbabies -he protested the entire time even though i was gentle with him. Once it was over though, he did really good and perked up a bit....so hopefully he will continue to do so. Please keep this sweet little one in your prayers & vibes today! He needs them so he can feel better and play with his little sister

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Oh Bless his heart and yours too you both will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Many prayers coming his way!!!
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Sending lots of prayers for you and little Keiko.
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Thankyou everyone! I appreciate the prayers and vibes. We already lost Lex this week, I would be devistated if something happened to little Keiko too. I think Keiko should be ok though- I gave him the IV as soon as I got there ( I administer the iv's at the shelter...but i don't have the proper things to do it at my house) He's in his carrier curled up asleep- I just checked on him and he seemed alright. I put his ringworm medicine on him while he was sleeping ( Kenzie & Keiko were covered in ringworm when I first got them- i've been putting them through ringworm treatments so hopefully it should clear up soon. -i'm one of the only foster mommas that will take in a kitty with ringworm- most of them won't because of the risk of spreading it to other animals and themselves...so i'm just super careful when I have a ringworm kitty in my house- I always have extra prescriptions just in case and everything is sanitized I'm just hoping he doesn't have any more seizures- he's gone through enough with the abuse and the ringworm outbreak...he doesn't need anything else to deal with . Thankyou everyone for your vibes & prayers- my little man needs them very much right now
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Oh poor Keiko, you both will be in my thoughts.
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Prayers & healing thoughts for sweet Keiko.

RIP darling Lex.
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Vibes and prayers coming your way.
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Poor Lex....

And healthy <<<<<<<<vibes>>>>>>>> sent to Keiko!
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Just an update:

I feed Keiko & Kenzie just a minute ago. Keiko is not looking soo great. He can't stand up too well and he can't use the bathroom on his own now...that is not good news. He ate his dinner well and I gave him lots of pedialite...so hopefully that should help. I also helped "relieve" him so to speak...so the little guy doesn't have to worry about that. Please continue to pray for him and send him vibes- hopefully he will perk up soon. Thankyou soo much everyone. I really appreciate everyone keeping up with little Keiko's condition and sending him lots of sweet vibes!
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Keiko will certainly be in my prayers, what a sweet little baby.
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Lots and lots of get well vibes coming to him. Poor little sweetheart.
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Originally Posted by xocats View Post
Prayers & healing thoughts for sweet Keiko.

RIP darling Lex.
Thankyou- i was really thinking about Lex today when I was taking Keiko in for the same issues. I just hope Keiko doesn't have the same fate....Hopefully he will be alright
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Here's lots of {{{{good health}}}} vibes for poor little Keikio. Get better sweetie. And here's some {{{{hang in there}}} vibes for you for all you've been through with the kitties.
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Thankyou!!! I really appreciate that a ton!
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he just started crying a minute ago, so i ran into my room to check on him ....he is still in really bad shape. When I looked in his carrier he was laying flopped over in the litter pan. I took him out of there and cleaned him up really well (trust me, he needed it.) Then i stuffed him full of pedaliyte...Now he's wrapped up in a blankie right beside me. I feel horrible for him. He has already been to the vet today- they said there's nothing else they can do for him aside from me giving him the iv earlier. The rest is up to Keiko's body. I hope he can pull through. I think he's hurting- he starts screaming hysterically when i hold him at times - i've been very very careful with him...i'm wondering if he's hurting from his seizure earlier??? / He can move his front legs and push himself up- but he can't move his back legs and kinda flips over when he tries. This is soo heartbreaking to watch. He is still very responsive with his eyes and face....and very vocal. I'm just afraid he may be hurting. I called the emergency vet a minute ago and explained what was going on- they also said there is nothing else that they can do... I really hope my little keiko pulls through. His little tummy is hurting him too- he has horrid diarreah (sorry for the details). That is why i'm giving him lots of pedialyte. He has already been dewormed so i know that it is definitely not worms giving him an upset tummy. It's definitely the seizures causing all of his problems. Please continue to send those wonderful TCS vibes for Keiko- he really needs them right now.
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Poor little baby. Thinking and praying for him and you.
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Thankyou- i really appreciate that. I'm online as we speak looking up possible explainations for his seizures. :*(
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Poor little baby! Bless you for taking such wonderful care of him, and trying so hard to pull him through. Sending out feel better vibes to both of you . You must be exhausted from all the special care and time you have spent caring for the little ones.
Is there any news this morning?
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It sound like poor Keiko is suffering.
Other than doing nothing, did the emergency vet suggest any other options?
Are you going to take him to his regular vet this morning?

Poor Baby.
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Awww, poor baby Sending Keiko tiger-sized get-well vibes and prayers. I sure hope you can find out the cause of the seizures so that he can get on the road to recovery!
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Keicko sweetheart, your are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh this poor little baby God Bless you for all you do for these kitties!!!
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I will be praying for him! (and you too ) Did the vet say if it could be a reaction to the medicine? Or is it just that he has been through so much in such a short little life ? I hope he is better soon! I know you are doing all you can. You remember that too, okay?
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How is the little one doing today? I just found this thread, and I'm hoping he has improved today. Keeping Keiko in my thoughts and close to my heart...
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Thankyou soo much everybody for keeping up with Keiko's thread. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner (it's around 1:40am now)...I have been swamped all day. Keiko's condition wasn't any better this morning- So, I gave him tons of fluids and kept him warm and hydrated. (I had to go to the hospital this morning for more tests....i'm starting to feel like a guenie pig)...anyways, when i got back about 2 hours later- Keiko was not improving any, so i packed him up and headed over to the Bartlett Animal Shelter. We gave him a sub q iv there and then I took him over to the vet's office down the road (they are excellent- they treat all of the shelter animals and are absolutely wonderful with them!) Bartlett said to do whatever was necessairy to try and save the little one- even though they're an animal shelter -they invest countless amounts of time and money in every animal and only euthanize in the case of a terminal illness or severly injured animal that can't be resussitated. They're great- they covered the entire bill....So after the vet looked Keiko over this morning- here's the conclusion. They did a fecal test on him and found that he had Cocidia...so he's on Albon once a day for that....i'm also treating Kenzie too for it as a precaution even though she is seperate from him and shows no signs- I just don't want to take a chance. Keiko had yet another iv at the vets office- that makes 3 iv's in less than two days. He still cannot walk or control his bowels...but the vet is hopefull. He can pull up on his front feet and scoot along- but can't really control his back legs yet....however I did just feed him his dinner and he seemed to be moving around a bit more, so hopefully between the meds and iv's he will begin to improve . One good thing we learned today- he currently weighs 1lb and 3oz....he's a big boy!!!! For being soo ill, he's still eating well- so that's a very positive sign. If he has not improved by the morning- he will go back to the vet for another iv and check up....better safe than sorry. He still has no control over his bathroom issues- so hopefully that will improve soon (until then, i'm helping him along)- he was fully litter trained before the seizures. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers this week! Everyone has been soo sweet and supportive! Keiko is snuggled asleep in his bed right now with a full tummy...and he seems well hydrated and alright for the night. Hopefully he will begin to improve soon- i'm drowning him in love and affection as well as food and meds....even my boyfriend and all of my other friends are asking about him- so everyone is giving him lots of love and attention. He needs that right now. That's about it for my update tonight- i'm going to feed miss Kenzie next and then get some sleep- i'm beyond tired tonight. I will post an update on the little guy tomorrow. Hopefully he won't require another trip to the vet- but if he does, he'll be there bright and early. Have a great night everyone and thankyou soo much for all of the love and support!!!
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sending positive vibes for Keiko - I hope he pulls through. you both are in my thoughts <3
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I'm sorry about Keiko's condition. I hope things turn for the better.
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Thankyou everyone for your sweet comments today! I think TCS vibes are working a bit!!! I have some good news!Keiko is looking a pinch better than yesterday. He still can't control his bowels or walk just yet- but he is much more attentive and alert. He is also eating very well and hasn't been as sick at his tummy today. I just cleaned him up and feed him really well-lol, he let me know that he did NOT appreciate being medicated this morning- he growls lol....it's hysterical...if you give him any kind of medicine or clean his butt, that little 1lb 3oz er will growl up a storm at you..he think's he's tough stuff So after I thoroughy "violated" his personal space lol, I laid him down for a nap, so right now he's asleep.In other news, his sister Kenzie has turned into quite a little sassy britches She doesn't even weight about pound yet and she thinks she owns this place lol- she's sooo sweet too- she give kisses and likes to sleep right on top of my shoulder like a little parrot- it's prescious!...they're both such sweet babies- I know they will find a wonderful home when they are both better. (lol, my mom and I were even talking about adopting them- but I was trying to talk her out of it- I'd prefer to keep my number of kitties around 4 like I have right now so that I am able to help more fosters that need a foster home...If I adopt them all- i will not be able to help the ones that really need it.- lol, but.....If it turns out that we just "can't find them a home"...I just might change my mind we'll see) Since Keiko is looking a bit better today, I called the vet to see if i needed to bring him in and he said that wasn't necessairy since he's improving- so that's good news . I'm keeping a close eye on him though- so if anything changes in his condition, he'll be up there in a heartbeat. Thankyou once again for keeping up with this wonderful little guy!!! Please keep sending him lots of "walking" vibes- hopefully he will be able to walk again soon . Thankyou everyone!!! I'll update again a little later.
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