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Food question, alil confused???

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Well, I normally feed Nutro's complete care kitten food. Its in a pink bag I think. Well today when I was at petco, I saw Nutro Max kitten food, on clearance...
Like 70% off maybe. The bags were so cheap I couldnt pass them up, but did ask if I could return them if needed, and they said yes..
So I figured Id come here to get advise...What is wrong with it?? Of course that was my first thought, that something has to be wrong with it.
It was if they are not carrying it anymore and getting rid of it, is that only because of the complete care line??

Does anyone know??
I will feed it I guess, specially as cheap as it was, it cant be any worse then the grocery store brands can it??

Any help would be appreciated..

Oh, and cross your fingers for me, I might be getting a little pregnant girl to foster.They are seeing if the man still has her, as he was the one who found her when the shelter couldnt take her..
Know nothing about her of course, not yet..But I felt the need to help.
If I get her, lets just hope everything goes well, hopefully will know by tomorrow...
Thanks ahead for the food stuff
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Did you ask them why it was on sale so much? Check the expiry date... just incase.

Nutro Max isn't a terrible food, but it's not as good as what you've been feeding. My only BIG concern is switching suddenly and upsetting their stomachs. If you didn't have enough of the old food to make a switch, see if you can get a probiotic to add to their food for the first few meals to make the transition easier.
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Ok, I looked, and my normal bag is pink, the complete care...
The bag I bought was orange, so I guess I was right in the names..
The expiration date is fine. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt banned..Although if it was recalled it wouldnt be on clearance, it would be out of the store, so I couldnt figure it out...
The 6lb bags were normally 11-12...I got them for 4...
I have enough pink bag food, to mix it together gradually...If I chose to keep it..
I just couldnt figure out why It was so cheap, and if it was THAT BAD
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I've used Max Kitten as an appetite stimulator before. It isn't so bad, but it's not fantastic...but whatever's in there they seem to think is delicious!
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