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New kitten on the block

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Hi there, I'm Sigh. I just registered about ten, fifteen minutes ago haha. Anywho, I'm 17, I love animals, especially wolves, cats, horses, and snakes.

I currently have two dogs (Chloe - chihuahua, Lady - cocker spaniel), one snake (Skittles - ball python) and six cats (in order of appearance lol: Ms. Kitty - black, Ms. Paka - siamese-calico mix, Buddy - black, Twilight - black w/white puffs on underside [buddy's son], Hershey - tabby mix, Snickers - tabby mix [Hershey's brother])

Most of my cats are rescues from feral cat colonies. Buddy and Twilight were living right outside my dad's office on the naval base. My dad called someone and had Buddy, his sister and his brother fixed, then my dad took Buddy home and now you wouldn't even think he used to be feral Twilight we picked up a couple days later. Hershey and Snickers were kittens (about 4 months old) down the street from my dad's office on base, and we picked up all five of the kittens, got the mommy spayed, and gave away the three other kittens. Hershey's my baby, he sleeps next to me and sits on my lap all the time, just like Buddy does to my dad. Snickers doesnt like anyone else but me really, he'll let me pet him all the time and 90% of the time I can pick him up. My dad sometimes is able to pet him, but Snick usually jumps away from him. He's the only cat we've that it's obvious he used to be feral. Ms. Kitty and Ms. Paka we had adopted from people who couldn't keep them anymore. Ms. Kitty we got first, out of all the cats. She had been a stray and the person who gave her to us had just caught her a week before.

All our animals are fixed besides Chloe, Twilight, Hershey, and Snickers. We're hopefully getting the kittens fixed later this month though.

Sorry for the long post and run on sentences. Ciao.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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welcome to the forums. i myself only joined yesterday and have found this to be an awesome site!'ll have many good times on here i'm sure.

have a good one!
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WELCOME! hope you enjoy your time here! what a big family you have
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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I have 3 female cats
one just became momma have 2 kittens now
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Welcome to The Cat Site!

If I can help answer any questions about how to post pics, etc. just send me a private message!
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Hey y'all! Glad to meet you and glad to be on the greatest site/forum in the world! THANK YOU SO MUCH for loving and caring about cats, and FOR GETTING 'EM FIXED!!! I'm posting this on 26 Sept. and hope all the kittens have "seen their doctor" by now... We live out in the Mojave in CA, and I've loved and rescued/advocated for cats all my life. Currently 9, all indoor-only, rescued, spayed/neutered! share my home and my life; 12, all as above, are in sanctuary in Canada due to circumstances beyond my control, but all are safe and in loving care (BIG SIGH OF RELIEF!!!) We also have four hens, and love all the desert wildlife here including rabbits, rats, mice, snakes (have had a couple visiting -- one, a Mojave rattler, we haven't encouraged! but the other, a big Pine-Gopher, I really like, and (s)he has come around quite a lot lately...), lizards, birds, insects, kangaroo rats, and well outside our fence, coyotes, foxes, and probably others too! I rescued all my beloved cats from our former urban location, where people did not spay/neuter; some were feral or semi-feral, and it took years to earn the trust of some, so you guessed it! they were having more kittens. Eventually, though, we got 'em all fixed, and some tiny kittens went into sanctuary and then were adopted.

You write well! Purrz to your cats from me and mine, out in the dez...
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Welcome to TCS!
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Originally Posted by deelynn View Post

I have 3 female cats
one just became momma have 2 kittens now
Deelynn.....It's important to keep all your cats indoors only and to set dates to have the 2 other females fixed now and the mother cat once the kittens have been placed into homes.

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Thank you thank you THANK YOU TNR1! I couldn't have said it better, but I could have said it, too!
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Hi and welcome! I'm new as well!
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Hi and a warm welcome from Spain

Its great here with lots of advice and help, its sounds like you are kept pretty busy with that big fur-family As you mentioned you are hopefully getting your kitties fixed and you know how important that is So as already mentioned best to keep them inside, cos you cant always tell if & when they are ready to mate

Well enjoy the forums and once you get settled maybe you could post some photos of your fur-family

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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your furfamily to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just ask and I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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