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Senior wet food suggestions?

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I need some suggestions on what would be a good quality wet food for an 18 year old DSH female. She will NOT eat dry food (never liked it and now I think it's harder for her to do all that crunching), so it has to be canned, which she loves. Also, price has to be considered, because my mom isn't willing to spend too much money (which is why she's currently eating fancy feast, yuck) and available in southern ontario. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Do you have a Pet Valu near you? I live in Manitoba and Pet Valu has GREAT selection of good quality foods. An adult or all life stages food would be fine for her. A senior food isn't nescesary. I recommend Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul. It's a great quality food, with an even better price tag. If you do have a Pet Valu, I'd go there and check out their selection. Good luck!
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I agree that PetValu has a great selection of food. Their house brand, Performatrin, has a new one that they refer to on the bag as holistic called Performatrin Ultra - the bag is metallic pink and metallic blue/grey. The ingredient list reads pretty well and is certainly comparable to some of the better foods. I find it's less expensive than the Royal Canin for Siamese that I was buying and the cats really, really loved it from day one. In fact, sometimes they'll eat less wet and go for the Performatrin Ultra, so I have to be careful to measure out only so much dry food so they will eat more wet. I feed Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Granny's Pot Pie for wet food. Our cats don't like anything with fish in it - they are beef and chicken kitties.
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$$$ wise

Meow mix pouches

Authority ( petsmart)

Chicken soup as mentioned


I would mix senior and adult or all stage as many all stages arent quite right nutrient wise for a cat of that age ( I have one they get so fun)
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