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Angry and need advice

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Okay, here's the deal....I have purchased many things for the baby from e-bay auctions, and have had no trouble whatsoever with receiving them, except for this one item....the changing table.

In April I won an auction for the Jinny Lind oak crib amd matching changing table. The crib came after a few weeks (thank god) but the changing table never came. I have sent e-mails to these people ( it is a business, not just one person) and they have given me the run around for months...first they said it was on back order, then my order had been lost, then it was delayed but would get to me very soon, then they were out of stock, and had to order it from another manufacturer, etc. etc.etc.

Everytime I e-mail them, I get a nice reply back saying how it will be here anytime now. NOT!!!!!!!!

I have been very polite, and have not even left negative feedback yet...I figured doing that would only hurt my chances of eventually getting it.

I am now considering e-mailing them and telling them I am tired of this crap, and if I don't receive my table within a week, I am going to not only leave negative feedback, but also e-mail every person who is bidding on anything of there's and tell them how I still have not received something I won and paid for back in April!!!! I wish someone would have warned me!!!

I did look at their feedback before I bid, but they had so many feedbacks, like over a 1000, and only about 50 were negative, so I figured it would be okay. Silly me.

I am out of patience with these people, but I still can't bring myself to be rude to them and threaten them like I want to. I am afraid if I do this, then I will NEVER get the changing table.

Here I am due anytime now, and will have to bring the baby home with no changing table. I mean, I can change her on a blanket on the floor, but that's not the point. It just isn't right.

I'm sure there is probably nothing I can do....but I just really wanted to get this off my chest anyway.

If anyone has any ideas or advice for me...please let me know. I am at my wits end.

Like I said, I have been very polite to them, and explained that the baby is due anytime and could they PLEASE send me my changing table.

I just keep getting these nice little e-mails back saying, Oh ya, it'll be there any day now...blah blah blah.

I just sent them another e-mail this morning....I hadn't heard anything from them since the 8th of this month when they said it would be any day now.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Poor Debby!

As I'm sure you're aware, Ebay will be of NO assistance. You're kinda on your own. There's little reason for you not to continue being polite, though. But I understand your anger.

Since they are a company, do they have a profile? Or can you get a company name you might be able to look up on the Web, get a phone number and call them near ceaselessly, while continuing to bombard them with e-mails? I think you'd be justified in politely letting them know the extent to which you'll broadcast their "customer disservice".

Good luck!

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Debby ask them to PROVE that 'it'll be there any day'.

IF they can't you really must challenge them with 'do you have any intention of send this, or are you just stringing me along. Just cos I'm going to have a baby any day doesn't mean my brains have been left on the draining board!!'

Can you stop the cheque/card payment and just get the changing unit from a regular store or catalogue?

If you've been waiting since April, I suspect they are taking you for a ride.

Sorry to hear about this hassle - it's the last thing you need praying on your mind with the birth imminent.
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I agree with Bill. Since it's a company, and not an individual person, I would see about getting them on the phone. Tell them you want the table immediately or a refund! How in the $%#& do you put something up for bid that you are sold out of? And when it's resolved, I would blast them with negative feedback.
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I have never been on E-Bay but my friend shops there all the time. I am not really sure what the proper solution to this would be being as you've already paid for it and like you said, you don't want to risk not getting it at all.

Have you tried taking one of their emails that they sent you stating that it was on the way and replying to it every few hours? Something like: "Any updates on this yet?" and just keep sending them the same message over and over again. it'll eventually drive them bananas and something will be done. I don't think I'd get nasty just yet. Kind of kill them with kindness. Try it today and see what happens. Keep emailing every hour on the hour (or every few hours). Don't send a new email, send them back their own. It'll also make them aware that someone told you "It's on it's way".

Let them know that you want this change table at the latest by: whichever date and that if you have not received it by then, they will be hearing from a very unhappy customer. Sometimes being kind but letting them know that your patience is wearing thin will cause a "wake-up" reaction.

Good luck!
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I am sorry they took such advantage of you. But if they are a business instead of one person selling leftover baby items, I would contact the BBB. There is a complaint form on file on line, I would fill it out and send it in. THEN I would send a certified registered letter to this *company* and inform them what you did and why. Tell them that unless you get your merchandise by such-and-such date you will take this further then they would probably want to go. But also tell them that if they stand up to their word and deliver this table you will retract the complaint that you filed with BBB. Be firm, but keep a (how do I say this) mean but not threatening tone in your letter. Don't get hysterical, just state the facts and while you are waiting for them to respond- I would then go and put negative feedback on the net and leave the case number BBB will assign your report and encourage anyone who has negative feedback to join the report already made. The BBB can make their life miserable and the more complaints on file about them through the BBB the more miserable it can become. I have had to do this to a company, and if you would like help wording your letter- I will be happy to assist you. Good luck!

Here is the link:Better Business Bureau
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Debby, I agree with Yola, since the changing table is already paid for you should ask for an immediate refund of the purchase price and then buy it from someone else. You could also file a complaint with the BBB in the company's state.
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I would send an e-mail to e-bay management and ask for their assistance. Also send one last e-mail stateing if it not recieved by xxx then you want a refund. If a refund is not forth coming advise them that you will forward the info to comsumer watch dog groups, the better business bureau and your lawyer.
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If I'm not mistaken, I think you can file a claim with Ebay. Go to their community section on their site, and there are usually forums on this kind of stuff.
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Debby-I'm sorry to hear that you have to deal with this now that you are about to have your baby. Like everyone suggested, you should definitely keep contacting them and let them know that you want your changing table NOW!!! You should also definitely contact the BBB and file a report. This is totally unacceptable and I think they are stringing you along to see how long they can. If I were you, I would call up the store and talk to the manager or the president of the company and explain your situation to them and hopefully they can help you out.
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Not to sound like a skeptic, but Ebay is really "hands off". I've had problems with non-paying bidders before and the worst I could do was file a "Non-paying Bidder" complaint (which did nothing) and leave negative feedback (which did nothing). Ebay reimbursed me $0.10 for the loss on a $5.00 high bid and didn't even reimburse the costs incurred for the listing! Ebay views themselves as a means to an end. The actual auctions are considered private contracts between buyer and seller (at least that's MY understanding).


Keep on keepin' on! I'm sure you will prevail!

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I agree with Hissy... start with the BBB and then send a reasoned letter or email to the company involved. In addition, I would definitely state that you will take all reasonable recourse open to you including publicizing your dissatisfaction to other ebay customers. Look at it this way... you don't have your changing table now and the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that you won't receive it at all. Hence, you have nothing to lose.

The dirty little secret of retail is... nice people get screwed. Customer complaints where customers make a fuss are the ones that get resolved.

When I'm asked about E-bay, I often say don't spend money there if you can't afford to lose it. This is because a deal's only a deal if you actually get the stuff. Nine times out of ten, the people you are dealing with treat you honestly, but the tenth time you can run into a crooked seller. And E-bay's total lack of concern over such matters (and failure to bar repeat offenders) makes it much more of a gamble than it should be.
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Debby, Sorry to hear of your problems. I get so mad when I hear about people getting ripped off! I assume you paid by credit card. You should be able to contact you credit card company and ask them to cancel the transaction, or find out if they can help you in any way.

I think you have nothing to lose with getting pissed off with these losers. Contacting the Better Business Bureau sounds like a good idea. And I thin you should let the other bidders for this company's stuff know what has happened to you. Maybe it would force them to be more honest in the future. Good luck.
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Thanks everyone for your advice!!! I really appreciate it. I like the idea of contacting the BBB. I am going to wait and see what they reply to the e-mail I just sent this morning, and then if I still have no changing table in one week....all h*ll is breaking loose. I will try to get a phone number for them, contact the BBB and threaten them with e-mailing anyone who is bidding on their auctions.
I hate to do this...but it looks like the only way. I will give it another week. THANK YOU for your have all been a big help!!!!!

Oh, and the credit card transaction has already went through.
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If you've been waiting since April, why wait another week? Get on your high horse and ride!

Go get `em, killer!

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Debby - did you make your credit card payment already? If not you can put the item in dispute without them charging you interest.

I also agree with Bill - you have waited long enough - don't wait another minute, do something about it now!

Good luck
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Hi Debby - I have just a few other suggestions.

First, you ought to be able to get the phone number and other contact information from eBay since you were involved in a transaction. To do this, go Here. You will need to enter the user ID of the seller and the item number. Hopefully the transaction is not too old to get the contact info.

Another idea is filing a fraud report against the seller. This link will get you where you need to go to start that.

Another idea is to log a complaint at Square Trade, which is a dispute resolution service for eBay. Here's the link.

Hopefully, one of these ideas will help you. I know how frustrating a bad experience on eBay can be.
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Thanks for those links, Dawn....I may need them!

Here is the nice little reply I got back from these people today.....


I apologize for the extreme delay in your changer. Our manufacturer is working out some shipping problems they are having with FedEx. There should be movement on your item soon. Thanks!

Here is what I just now sent them back.........

If you are having shipping problems then why do you still have auctions open on e-bay....maybe you or someone else should warn all the people bidding on your auctions, that you are having these problems, and they may experience an extreme delay in their shipping until it is resolved.
I wish someone would have warned me. I had no clue in April, that I will still be waiting in July.
I will give this one more week, then I have been advised to contact the BBB. I hate to do this, but what else can I do??? It is ridiculous how long this has taken. I have tried to be nice about it.
Sincerely, Debby

How does that sound????
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Debby, I think your email sounded reasonable but firm. I hope you get the results you want!

Their email to you sounds like a pile of horse manure.
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I agree with Brenda. I hope you get the outcome that you want!
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Thanks guys! I doubt they will read it till Monday, so I will have to see if they reply.
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I HATE EBAY! Of 10 or 12 auctions I have won, only 2 have gone smoothly as far as getting my items. I got some body jewelry to sell and it was so crappy, I cant't even give it away. It seems like people are putting their crap on eBay instead of having yard sales. The last auction I won, it took me a month to get my items, and the seller lived in my town. I will NEVER use eBay again!
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Well everything else I have bid on and won has gone I guess I have been lucky.

I got a baby swing, baby bathtub, baby playpen w/bassinet, just to name a few of the things.

But this changer is a whole other story.
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,Hi Debby ,
If I were you Id consult a lawyer and let him write to that dubious company. That usually helps and might make them reconsider.I believe that´s the only thing left at the moment.Give it a thought.I`ve been thinking of you a lot and wait for your report on a good and quick delivery.So all the best and hope to hear from you soonlove elisabeth
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Krazy Kat - I think how smoothly eBay goes depends on what type of item is being bought/sold. I have been selling on eBay now since March to supplement my family's income. It's a great way for me to have some money of my own. I've definitely found that I have MUCH better luck with collectables/antiques than I do with books, videos, DVDs etc. I think it's a difference in the target audience that does it. I've pretty much sworn off listing videos and DVDs just because the buyers seem so flaky. I have never had a problem with buying anything on eBay. Then again, I strictly buy collectibles, antiques, and shipping supplies.
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I agree with you, Dawn. Having bought and sold collectible Barbies and Star Wars, I have not had any problems with buyers or sellers. Hubby is selling computer stuff on Ebay now as his job, and so far we haven't had any problems. I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell more collectibles or computer stuff where you have model numbers, but if something can be faked out, like the quality of jewelry, it probably will be. There are a lot of scumbags out there more than happy to take advantage of people, especially if they can't see them. There are also a lot of really good people who are trying to do things honestly. It is a leap of faith to buy things on Ebay, though. I'll definitely give you that.
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I've never had a problem buying stuff either.... hubby has sold & bought stuff and has never had a problem, either. But, there are a lot of people out to take your money.
Debby, did they email you back yet?
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Yes, I received another e-mail from them just today, stating that they were trying to get the changer to me as soon as possible, but they are just having major problems with the shipping people and the manufacturer. They seem quite nice about it, I am willing to give it a little more time...I guess I am just a sucker.
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