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Since I've been Gone, I'll update you on everything

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I can't really think right now, I had to take an ativan when we got back from running errands cause my MIL was in one of her moods and it set my anxiety through the roof. So I'm sort of just breezing this one okay.

I'm not sure if you all remember all that was going on a couple months ago, so I wanted to refresh (not including the other stuff that you can PM me about if you wish).

My VA benefits case that I have pending for disability has made it to the ratings board finally...

But they are saying it could take another 60-90 days, my case has been in since last September. However, the psychiatrist said that my gaff score (I don't know how to spell it) he put in cleary states that I am not employable...

So I went to my rep and she wrote something up and is going to mail that out and hopefully expediate my claim....good news...

The longer it takes, the more back pay they have to pay me....depending on what rating they give me.

When I left I was pretty much having some serious depression issues, I still am to some respect but it's not AS bad. Some days are certainly better than others.

We registered (today) my daugther for school and go to the orientation here in a bit where she gets to meet her new teacher (she's starting 1st grade).

My kitties have become more sweet than ever of course....but they aren't cuddling me right now...too busy napping together.

My son's language has exploded, before long he'll be telling us off...right?

It's hard to concentrate and write when I keep making mistakes in my typing so I'll cut this, I know I wrote a "Hi I'm back thing" but I wanted to write an update on me as well.

Hope everyone else is doing well.
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It is great that things are looking up for you. I hope you can spend more time here at TCS again.
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I'm glad to hear things are looking up.
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It's good to see you here again! I'm glad some positive things are happening. My boss' son just started first grade...she's been all teary eyed the last few days over it.
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I'm glad things seem to be working out better for you! Hopefully things will continue to progress better now How are your children doing today???
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Thanks, just trying to stay a bit upbeat...between crying spells.

I had it out with my MIL tonight, actually big time...huge big time....but she shouldn't have gotten involved my DH was trying to quell an anxiety attack and she starts budding in on it so I lost my temper (which I never do) with her.

Both my DH and my FIL and I agree that my MIL and I need to avoid each other (shouldn't be a problem since she almost never comes downstairs anyways.

We are looking at getting a massive amount of rain here...we'll be safe from flooding though....cause we are up on a mountain, the city below us though, I don't know.

Hubby is going to do more of a job search tomorrow am, then we are taking the kids to Kmart to do school shopping (Oh Joy )
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ButterflyDream, I'm glad you're back and feeling better. I hope things continue to improve!
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I am glad things are going better for you! And everything that you've mentioned sounds like something to really be excited about!!! Your daughter going to school, your son's speach! That's wonderful! I am glad you are taking medicine for anxiety....ativan is a life saver for me too sometimes. I don't have to take it daily, but when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and like I'm gonna have a panic attack. Like last Saturday, crying kids, a growling belly, I was completely lost on my way to a family party, no one would answer their cell phone, and I had to pee desperately. I felt like I could barely breathe, like I was gonna freak out. I think the best thing to do with your MIL is to stay away from her, and try to keep you & your hubby & kids business out of hers. Then be polite & cordial when you have to be near her. And bite your toungue to the best of your ability. (you can always wish diarrhea on her silently in your mind!)
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Well I just wrote a note to my MIL cause I never lose my temper and I blew my top last night like Mt Saint Helen's.

Course I took an Ativan before writing it cause the mere thought gave me incredible anxiety. It does help.

It is so rainy here today (Remnants of Ernesto).

But you should see the nightime part of my pill box, it won't fit anymore pills. LOL
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I hope everything is going well for you. I hope your letter helps out with the relationship between you and your MIL.

Just keep looking to the positive (although I know it is pretty hard sometimes) and soon everything will seem to be better.

Sending good thoughts and lots of hugs your way!!
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Thank you, thus far today...I've done pretty good.

1. I actually got out of bed.
2. I took a shower (which goes with the whole getting out of bed thing).
3. I ventured out of our 'room' aKa the Library.

And I ate lunch.

Yay me!!!

We have to head out in this horrible weather and go shopping for school supplies and get something notarized and drop it off at the school and pay the car taxes and whew....that's alot actually.

Okay gotta go Pandora is licking my fingers.
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Baby steps. Baby steps. No need to solve the problems all at once, take them one at a time.

You have a supportive DH and friends to lean on.

Things WILL get better.
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Thanks. I am taking baby steps, don't forget I also have my furbabies.
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I'm really keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! I'm rooting for you!!! One of my sisters as well as my best friend sufferes from depression and a few other things, so I know how confusing and hard it can be. I applaud you for taking those baby steps- you're moving in the right direction.
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I do appreciate it is one of my bad days where I don't want to come out of the room....two steps forward one step back (or seomthing like that).
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Well keep coming in here and talking. That will make you feel not so alone in the world. Pretty soon you'll be feeling like a !
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDream View Post
I do appreciate it is one of my bad days where I don't want to come out of the room....two steps forward one step back (or seomthing like that).

No problem! How are you feeling tonight??? Maybe it would help you to take a nice bath and relax for a bit. That always makes me feel better . Keep us posted. I'm keeping you in my prayers. With your doctors help and TCS support- you will make progress as soon as your ready! You have people that really care about you on here
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