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Morgan's necropsy results/Memorial Question

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Slowly the necropsy results on our little Morgan are coming in, and, aside from the pneumonia that took her from us, they haven't found anything new. They are suspecting FIP but can't prove it yet. I guess they are waiting for some viral cultures or something. No toxoplasmosis, no chlamidia. So we're still watching the others and waiting.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to find a nice remembrance plaque that can have her pic on it and be engraved with a personal message. I'm not sure where to post my question, so I'll ask you all since I "know" you. Does anyone know of a good place to have this done? We don't have many resources here aside from a Things Remembered, so an online source would be good too.

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I'm sorry about Morgan. I hope you get the answers you seek. As for a memorial plaque, there's one I'm considering getting from eBay for my Possum who passed earlier this year.

Here's the link:

and the other one I'm considering:
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I'm so incredibly sorry you're having to make this very difficult decision how to best honor your baby with a very special remembrance plaque. Let's move this to The Bridge where some of our members may have faced a similar situation in memorializing their own Angels.
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I found something at PetSmart with a place for a photo, etc. Also, our vet office had a catalog so that we could choose urns, photo frames and such.
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Thank you all for the suggestions on the memorials. I'd love to hear any more that you all may have.

My vet called again this morning with the update on the necropsy results. Everything has come back negative - no toxo was found, no bacterial infections, no viruses that they can find.... Obviously she had pneumonia, but they can't find a source. The only thing still out is the test for the new strain of calicivirus, but it would have to be a rarity to have such extensive neurological symptoms like staggering and seizures. The vet can't find any documented cases of that, and he still stands by his original toxo diagnosis. He said that even if they don't find the organism, it might still be there. The only thing they haven't checked is her brain, so I told him I suspect there was some sort of encephalitis. He agrees, and says toxo could cause that. He talked with a toxo specialist from Brazil, who said we shouldn't worry about the other cats becoming sick from infection, as it will run its course in 3weeks or so. With 12 cats, we were pretty anxious to get the results back, but we still don't know more than we did before the necropsy. This is all so crazy!
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There are ceramics places in most cities where you can make your own tile. My friend memorialized her departed golden retriever by painting the dog with a little halo and wings, sitting on a cloud with that nice expression golden retrievers have.

It is possible for you to make a plaque out of tile and put it on a wall like my friend did.
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I wish I could remember where I got my cat's urn. It's a ceramic urn with her photo on front with her name Smokey above the photo & her nick name, My Sunshine under her photo. Then on back it has the song I always used to sing to her "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..." I know they also make other memorial plates & such with your pets photo. I will have to see if I can find the name of the place.
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