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Kentucky Cats need adoptors/rescues

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I am crossposting on behalf of a friend..however I do strongly encourage adopting locally.


Permission to crosspost encouraged and appreciated~

NOW is the time! Right NOW!

Grayson is overflowing with cats! They are overflowing with cats and have posted, emailed and crossposted for rescues to take some. They transport to many places, They are in KY but have gone to NY, NJ, PA,WV, VA!

They are heading to Wisconsin and NY soon.

If your truly dedicated to furbabies the way many of us here are and should be and even thought for a min. about getting a cat or another cat, PLEASE look at the shelter list and ACT now!

This shelter usually does not have to euthanize but the vet has been scheduled for the cats/kittens because there is simply no more room. New intakes are being euthanized NOW because they simply can not take any more.

Adopt a cat, you are SAVING two lives! The one you take and the one that takes his place of safety!

Don't have a cat but want one..... TWO cats are better than one! They don't cost much more and they need a companion for when your at work etc.

PLEASE check them out, some real beauties!

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I am posting behind her original post because I NEED help.
I came across this post originally, and for some reason it grabbed my heart more then any of the sites I have been on..
And being that they are transporting a tad, I am determined to make this possible..
First I will ask anyone that is going to be around KY, Virginia, NY, if you are making a trip to the good old "steel city" of pittsburgh ANYTIME soon let me know..They are making a few trips to take kitty's, but Im sure this exact city isnt in their plans, As I am willing to go to neighboring places, maybe Ohio and WV...

Second is...I am willing to take in AS many as I can handle..My goal is to adopt them all out, with adoption contracts, just as the shelter would..
So many people in this city are looking for kittens..
And yes, some of our shelters are having the same issues, but are very rude with not returning phone calls, etc..or emails..So I am willing to help out the shelters that help me out by really talking to me and caring about these kittens back..As much as I care..
MY issue is..I dont have THAT much to cover expenses..Some of the kittys coming are sponsered already, so will be ready to go..BUT ALOT still need sponsered. CAN any of you please go look at the site, and see if you cant atleast sponser 1 or as many as you can. If we can get their vetting, and shots done.. I will PROMISE you they go to good homes..
I told the woman there that I can do the low cost tom neuter days possibly for the boys, and rabies, etc..Stuff they offer in my area cheap, but the regular shots and spays they provide cheaper there then here. So we really should get them done before they come up here..
And for those concerned about what would happen if they dont get adopted , I will either keep them in my forever home, or return them back them. My contract will be just as hard as theirs for adopters..
Sorry to make this sooooo long, I know alot of you care about the cats, just cant take another one , and another one, etc..

Thats why Im asking for this. Everyone you sponser they will be able to bring up here to me, as well as other rescues that have homes for them, please let me know..
Here is their links..
You can do it right through paypal on their site..
Thanks so much to anyone that can help...
Even if you cant sponser everything, maybe atleast the spays, or shots. The stuff that is cheaper for them to complete before coming to PA
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I live in SouthEastern Indiana,, do you know how much they want for the kittens / cats??
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Originally Posted by angelkitty View Post
I live in SouthEastern Indiana,, do you know how much they want for the kittens / cats??
Adoption fees vary depending upon the amount of money expended on the individual animal. Normally the fee to adopt a dog is $85 and $45 to adopt a cat or kitten.

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I'd love to help. but I now have three foster kittens (which has a very good chance of becoming 4 soon), and am at my limit. I hope they get the help they need.
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I too would love to help since I am in WVa. But, with the fleas here right now,I wouldn't want to take a chance.Maybe as soon as I can get them gone, we'll be able to help
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Could someone PM with some more information on possible sponsorship? More or less along the lines of how to go about it, and how much, and thing's of that nature. I couldn't locate their site, or any other information about sponsorship. If these darling's had a guarantee of being pulled from the shelter, and given to you alliread, I want to try and help.
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We are in dire need of donations, and we are always in need of monetary support as well. These can be mailed to us at Grayson Co. Humane Society/SPCA; 215 E. Lake Drive, Leitchfield, KY 42754, Kim Stallings , President/Treasurer. If you require a receipt, please send a note along with your donation. Our current "wish list" is , stainless steel buckets, nylon leashes and collars, and animal crates,. We also are in need of foster parents to take animals into their care while they wait to be adopted. Call us if you can help with anything! 270-230-8839 or dwhite@aggressiveonline.net

I would contact them and ask about donations via credit card....I would suspect you can simply list on your check donation who you want the sponsorship to go towards.

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Thanks Katie. I'll get in touch with someone asap.
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Just wanted to give an update...MANY people in my city are interested in helping these babies as far as adoption goes. Which the adoption fee, will go back to the shelter to help sponser more kitties.
But I am still begging for help for sponsers to sponser those coming up this way.
I want to make sure everything as far as vetting is done or almost done before they arrive...
Even if it is 5 dollars, please donate what you can to them..
You can tell them which kitty you would like to donate, the links are on my post above..

Thanks guys...and girls
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