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Travelling kitty

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Just read this on Yahoo. What a brave little fellow. They must be SO gald to have him back.

LONDON (Reuters) - A British couple are laying claim to the best-travelled pet in the world after their cat hid in the hold of a passenger jet and clocked up 63,000 miles (100,000 km).

Newspapers reported on Friday that "Ozzy" was loaded on to a British Airways flight from Qatar to London in a plastic cage, but escaped and hid in the hold, where he huddled for ten days and ten return flights.

The feline flyer's owners Jonathan Boyd and Katie Deacon gave up their pet for lost, but were shocked when British Airways staff contacted them to say he was found safe but scared, thin and hungry.

Globe-trotting Ozzy had made the 3,150-mile (5,000-km) seven-hour trip to Qatar and back 10 times.

"We had given up hope of ever seeing him again," Boyd told the Sun Newspaper.

"He must have used up at least two of his nine lives. We are so relieved he is safe and well," he said.

The Sun said the cat was being nursed back to health while serving his six-month's quarantine.
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I read that in the Daily Mail this morning. That cat is so brave and the picture of the cat is adorable

Shame she'll have to stay in quarentine for 6months :/
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Oh my gosh I'm so glad they found him! poor baby!! I'll bet he was glad to be home!!
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Poor little thing! I can't believe that he survived for 10 days and through so many long flights.
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He must have been scared to death! That poor baby!
I hope his humans NEVER fly him again!
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