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clay cat litter question

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I accidentally bought a huge bag of clay cat litter. I didn't realize it until I cut it open and thought, man, those pieces look awfully big. DUH! Anyway, I hate to just throw it out, but i"ve never used clay litter. How do you clean out the box? Do you have to dump the whole thing every couple days or will it last longer. It's obvious how you remove the solids, but what about the urine? I absolutely HATE the smell of cat pee. Yuck! And I don't want my house smelling of it. Any suggestions??? THX!!!
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If it's the regular clay, the urine basically remains in the litter and is NOT scoopable. You can attempt to remove the urine soaked litter but chances are it will be covered and be VERY difficult to completely remove. I haven't used regular clay litter in almost 3 years. I found it needed to be changed about every other day due to the ammonia pee stink and that was with one cat.

Do you know anyone who might want it?
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and then buy some new. It is the fresh step and I didn't even realize they made clay litter. It has granules in it to keep it fresher longer, but even then. Yuck!!!! I am pretty anal about keeping the litter box clean and the house NOT smelling like cat pee. I can tell this isn't going to work for very long, just hopefully until next Friday when I get paid again!
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You could always donate it to your local shelter and go buy your regular litter.
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I wouldn't use clay litter for a number of reasons. If you don't like the smell of cat pee you might get a Booda Dome or some other box that has a charcoal filter in the roof, that might help deodorize it.
But I think that a good organic litter is your best bet.
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You should see if your local shelter can use it. Lots of local shelters need help when it comes to getting food and litter (and the occational toys). Some shelters won't accept opened food but I can't see why they wouldn't accept opened litter.

My local shelter is always making pleas on the TV to the community to PLEASE donate food and/or litter, so I always feel guilty that I can't donate anything.
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HI Aussie Dog,

That's a remarkable picture of Beast. What sort of cat is he/she?

I agree that a shelter would be delighted to take the clay litter as a donation.
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I seem to recall from the dim and distant days when I used clay litter that although it doesn't form lumps when wet like clumping, the wet clay does sort of stay in one place so you can scoop it out. Not as easily as clumping, and you end up taking a lot of clean litter with the wet, but you can get the wet out. I don't recall my apartment ever stinking of pee!
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