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Radio question of the day: 08/31/06

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Does your job require overtime?
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No. Very rarely I may need to but I have only had to stay 1 time since I got the job.
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No, but my previous job had nonrequired overtime that you had to work if you wanted a premotion.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Does your job require overtime?
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no, it doesn't require it, but it does offer it at times and I try to work every second!
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No, we have a maximum 14 hours we can be on duty in a 24 hour peroid....not 1 minute over.
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No, it doesn't require it, but I usually put in at least 2 hours of overtime each paycheck - coming in early, staying late - depends on how busy I am with paperwork, or if my boss is gone, I have to come in and open up, and stay and lock up at night. I don't mind - its time and a half, so it helps on payday
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When the clock hits 5:00 I'm usually out of here. Unless of course we have a big presentation we're preparing for, or a lot of printing that needs to be done but the latest I've ever stayed is 6:00.
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No. If we work overtime (which is only allowed at certain times), it gets counted toward our leave instead of getting paid extra for it.
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Nope. But I am needed I will stay. It doesn't happen very often and I put it towards time off.
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No thank goodness
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There are seasonal highs when what needs to happen today simply doesn't fit within today's work hours. But it really is seasonal, not an ongoing thing. We are not paid for overtime, but get commensurate time off. If the extra time I put in is not a lot, I'll often not log it, but just come in late the next day. It's very give-and-take.
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lol I'm a grad student so there's no such thing as "overtime". You stay until the day's work is done. The latest I've been here so far is 11 in the evening, I think. Thank goodness that doesn't happen too often!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Does your job require overtime?
For the moment, don´t! .......................
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It’s been so long since I worked overtime! These days we are lucky to be getting regular time.

Two weeks from now I will be starting a new schedule that will require me to work 3 ten hour days and one 8 hour day a week. In my decline I find it so hard to get anything done but sleep. The long days just might kill me.
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No but yes. Does that make sence? That means they don't pay me for it and sayyyyy they don't require it...but really they do. It's more like having grumbling and grousing out of the head office than anything.

I only do it if necessary. My boss is good about giving us comp time though.
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Overtime? What's that? When you have sucker... I'm sorry I mean salary in your job description, it means nothing. I work a MINIMUM of 48 hours a week, and get paid for 40. I have worked up to 60 hours in a week. It sucks let me tell you! If they EVER offer you a salary position, make darn sure it has great benefits,a great paycheck and a great retirement or tell them where to stick their sucker I mean salary offer. ( had that at one time that's why I took that sucker ...shoot I mean salary position, I lost it when we were bought out by a greedy person who took it all away and lied to us saying he was going to make sure we had it all just like when we worked for the other company, I hate and have no respect for liars).
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