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I'm having a bad day

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I am offically having a bad day. First off I woke up this morning with what I thought was just sleep in my eye but as it turns out that it is pink eye. My eye has been hurting all morning and my husband is suppose to pick up some medicine the doctor is calling in after work today. So I have to wait until 5:45 to get that.

Then I homeschool my kids and they are driving me nuts. We went to pick figs for a field trip down at my uncles farm. Well, first off the car battery was dead so I had to charge it for about 30 minutes. Then when we got down to the farm all the figs were bad and were covered in wasps and all kinds of flying bugs. So much for making my husband fig perserves.

Now I have such a headache and I am cold and tired. It is not going to be a good afternoon. I think it is time for some Advil and a nap.
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I hope your day gets better hon!
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What a day you are having.
Too bad about the figs-I've never eaten one but no one sells them around here.
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I can feel for ya. My back is especially achy today.
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Tomorrow will go a better day for you!
don´t give up!
I´m so sure you going to have a wonderful day tomorrow!
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I hope your evening is better than the rest of the day. Relax, get some rest, maybe tomorrow will be better.
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