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Family favoritism, what would you do?

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I've got my 4 furkids & I love them madly. My sisters got 1 dog who is a good girl & comes with when my sister comes to visit. Well my parents really like her dog & give her treats and just generally spoil her when she's around. Mean while they have nothing nice to say about my kitties. Now they can be a pain, but it's not like I ever take them to my parents. I know my dad is allergic & my parents don't understaned why I've got 4, but last night my sister made some stupid comment about them being pains in the butt. It' really starting to hurt my feelings that no one appreciates how wonderful they are. Don't get me wrong they can be little pains in the butt, but that's for me to say & no one else. So here the question what would you do? Most of the time I just let it roll of my back, but a couple of times people have said things that really hurt my feelings.
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Right there with you.

My mother prefers the cats over the dog.. and my grandparents prefer the dog over the cats. To them the cats have no use.. the dog protects me and is practically my own person alarm system. .but the cats don't do anything but waste money, to her.

I got to the point where I just ignore them. I was getting angry all the time at them.. then one day I just stopped.. they can think what they want to think and I don't care what they think.
As long as I love them all the same, then thats all the matters.
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If anyone in my family expected to ever see me again they wouldn't DARE say a word about my cats!

Bella is the one that grew up in NY with my family (we live in KY now) And she is SO loved especially by my parents if I showed up at their house with out her they had a FIT!!
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Honestly? I'd tell her she was a pain in the butt too
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My bf is in the position because hes never had pets before he thinks cats are useless and doesnt quite understand why i love them so much!
He thinks are more useful because you can take them to walks ect.
But he just told me yesterday that he wants to buy the treats and cat food once i get my own apartment, and he really wants kaylee to like him!

I told him that cats need to get their trust before they warm up to you, just becuase teufel loves people that doesnt mean every other cat will like you at first too.. maybe your grandparents need to see the other side of the kitties?
or why dont you just tell you family straight out that they are hurting your feelings!

I completely skizted it 3 weeks ago when my bf just told me to give up my kitties, I screamed " ARE YOU F***** MENTAL? THESE ARE MY CHILDREN! ID RATHER LEAVE YOU THAN THEM!!" wow did he get a shock and since then he has respected my feelings and hasnt said another word!
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When they say something, just tell them, "I would never say that about YOUR kids, why do you say such hurtful things about mine?"
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After years of discussing with people who never will understand I have given up. I make it very clear that if they keep questioning or disrespect my loved once there is plenty people who doesn't.
With family it is of course a little bit more difficult but I beleive in being outspoken.
My mother has always disrespected my choice to have horses. Finally I told her that this is who I am and this is what makes me happy - don't yo love me enough to let me be happy my way and are you so narrow minded that you need to hurt me because I'm not like you?
She needed some time to digest that and was "very hurt" for a while but she came around and no she thinks of what she says. I can still feel what she thinks but as long as she doesn't say it I meet her half way.
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