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The young lady I work with came in to work this afternoon and told me she wanted to adopt a cat, and asked me to go with her. Of course I was glad to. We went to the adoption area of Petsmart. There were many cute kittens there, and one little skinny orange tabby girl about a year old. She sat up so pretty when we walked in. Kristen was looking at the kittens when this little girl reached through the bars and touched her hand, and meowed so softly you could barely hear her. I could almost watch Kristen melt. They looked at each other and that was it. The bio was exactly what she needed, good with kids and litter box trained, so she sat to fill out the application. The little kitty kept looking out to make sure she was still there. She ended up having to leave and go back later to get her, but as soon as she got her home, she came right out of the carrier and jumped right into the toybox with the kids. She has already been spayed, so she won't have to go through that with 2 kids around. It seems to be a perfect match. I'm so happy for all of them!
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That's such good news! The kitty sounds beautiful!! You're friend must be very happy!
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AWWWWW! That's so sweet!! I love happy stories like that!!! What did she name her??
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The name on her tag was Polly, but I think she will be changing it. Se is such a little sweety. She plays with no claws, and is patient with the kids, so they will treat her very well. One of the kids has cerebral palsey, and is already responding to her. My friend is thrilled about that!
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This is such a good story! Hopefully, your friend and her family can look forward to spending many happy years with this kitty.
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It sounds just like fate walked in a matched them up! I am so glad they all found each other.
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Thats such a great story. Now both your friend and the kitty are happy. It sounds like she adapted well to her new house and surroundings.
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I needed a success story / happy ending - you just
hear about oo much bad stuff and this just made me grin from ear to ear! Yeah - have they named her yet?
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What a great story? Isn't it amazing how animals instantly know the person they want to be with? Hurray for your friend and her new furbaby.
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Sounds like little Polly found herself a forever home. Such a wonderful story. They sound perfect for each other. It is amazing how the little ones pick out their people. Somehow, they just know.
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No new name yet, but she is doing well. Kristen told me she thought something was wrong with her last night because she purrs so loud. Cute! She is apparently a very happy little girl and her new family loves her very much.
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This is a wonderful story - and a happy ending to boot! Thank you!
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Now all we need is a picture of the precious girl in her new forever home!
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I have warm fuzzies now!
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That's so cute it made me cry (I'm such a baby when it comes to happy stories about kitties)
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