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Have you added to your family in the last 3 months? - Page 2

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We've adopted both of our furkids in the last 3 months! Stumpy on June 15, and Lily on July 29!
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Lots of new kitties added to the TCS family I see!!!
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I'm adding a husband to the family in 6 days!
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Awwwwww, Tracy yesterday and you next Saturday Amy!! CONGRATS!!!
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Yep, I got Sabina three weeks ago today!
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Milo joined me and Marlee one month ago yesterday!!
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I would really like another cat but when I got Chester it was suggested that he be an only cat. It would be great if I could get him a playmate to keep him company when I am at work. But he is afraid of everything.

I would feel really bad if I brought in another cat and Chester was not happy. At the same time I would feel bad for the other cat if I had to give him back.

The other day I was talking it over with my mother and she says that I should not get another. She was not in favor of me getting a cat to begin with. Her biggest fear was that because I have trouble walking a cat would be a tripping hazard. But now that she knows Chester she agrees that he is the perfect cat for me.
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You're all making me want to take in a new cat! Stop it! I work in a building with 300 of them!

ETA: Here are my personal favorite residents:
Except that the shy girls MIGHT be a little put-off by the more dominant Raphael. And Caulfield has been under-the-weather with what could turn out to be something chronic (but isn't FIP, hooray!) Plus, I love Nessie and Julia and Buckles to pieces, but they all need to be only-children Oh! And Circe has HCM, which I'm sort of concerned that it isn't up-to-date on Petfinder...
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I have new family members!
Boo-Boo2 and Sassy came home from our local animal control pound August 4th and a week before that Stinker chose us as a family after someone dumped him in the area, (I assume).

Everyone seems to be getting along pretty well and Stinker and the new girls are all hanging and playing together which I'm glad to see.

lionessrampant... Faux Paws could pass for a sister to my little Boo-Boo girl who looks to be a cross between a Russian Blue and Manx. My other girl has Maine Coon mixed in and is a toughy when it comes to telling a the big cats to keep their distance.

BTW... My two little kitten girls who were 6 and 9 weeks when I got them are the first kittens I've dealt with in a whole lot of years. They are soooooooooooooooo fun!
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I brought Clover home in July. She's my baby and I love her to death.
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Lots of new TCS additions I see!
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