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Have you added to your family in the last 3 months?

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Seems like alot of TCSers are adding to their fur families! Have you added to your family in the last 3 months??? If not, any plans to soon?
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We brought little Davidson into our furfamily about a month ago. Best thing we ever did - and Harley agrees too!
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no. But I'd love to. I just don't have the room right now. In the future if we get a bigger house, I'd love another kitty. I'd just have to talk honey into one. He wants a serval and I'm not so keen on that idea. I'd like a lap cat, not one that could potentialy eat you! I like my cats smaller then me thank you!
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No....I want to add a slobbering, barking member to my fur family, but unfortunately we won't have a dog friendly lease until the spring and then we're going to have do some careful analysis of who in the family could foster the doggie if we end up going to grad school together (which I think is a pretty slim chance...I want to stay in Chicago and wait to go to grad school until Ian has a good job). It would probably be the same person who's going to foster our kitties should we need to travel!

The last addition was Raphael on February 12, 2006!
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A little over three months ago, Scratch adopted us. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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Yes we did!!, with the addition of little Sydney
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Yup! got Ismene, Zeus, Demeter and Medusa in June and Jinx, Eros and Nike about 3 weeks ago I've only had Antigone and Pandora for about 4.5 months too!
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WOW!! I'm getting jealous.......or as Susan/Rosiemac would call it, all broody!!
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nope... Chip came in March, so it's been more than 3 months. no more places for litterboxes, so no more kitties!
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Yes, Mia was added to the family about a month ago.
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Workin' on it....workin' on it daily, actually. I think I'm making headway with the hubby.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Workin' on it....workin' on it daily, actually. I think I'm making headway with the hubby.
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Penelope and Bob came to us on Mothers Day. They are pair of little freaks and I love them to death.
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Yes we have.
As you probably already know since I am writing about them here all the time, seven feral cats has moved in with us. I am so proud of them: http://photos.yahoo.com/paulvansintjan

And eight chickens quite exactly three month ago. We needed to add to the roosters harem since he was paying to much attention to his to wifes.
One was almost getting bald from his love. With eight teenagers around he doesn't have much time for love making anymore.
He is sterile - othervise I would breed them myself but we don't have the hart to replace him since he is such a wonderfull and caring husband and foster-dad.
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Sooz your getting broody aren't you!!
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No - but almost! Ari's brother Mirajuu needed a new home earlier this week. Had to decline as our two seem to be all I can handle now.
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no, because 4 dogs and 2 cats is definately my limit.
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Yup! Little baby Cappy is now a permanent resident :P

and for those of you that remember Macchiato and Latte, Cappuccinos brothers.. they were adopted three days ago, together
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We added Phantom to our family about a month ago. Great decision!!
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Yep my bf!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Yep my bf!
I need one of those too Fran

I have come close but things happened and I wasnt able ... I will when it all falls in or I may just take one of my semi ferals into a house kitty
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No, but I'm keeping my eye on this special needs kitten....she is such a sweetie....and I do have room, it's just the $$$I wonder about...her vet bills may be a little too much...provided the "landlords" say OK.
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Yes we got Chessy at the end of June!
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Sort of - i told the rescue I didn't want Molly to be rehomed in Jan, and she agreed for her to be a long term foster, but last month I managed to pay off the credit card and find a cheaper vet, so i looked into it. Gave myself a month to see if I Could afford 3 cats, got her insured and chipped, and told the rescue on Sun I wanted to formally adopt her. They said there was no need to fill the paperwork in or pay for her, so I have donated her adoption fee to a place that will let us have a free microchip scanner.
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Yup! We brought Spike and Leo home on June 2nd.
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Yep, July 19th we added Corwin to our family. That makes 3 cats,1 dog,4 kids and a hubby
We are not looking for any more.But, if one needs us................we will be there for it.
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Yes Joplin came to our family a month ago.

He's about 12 weeks old.
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Nope....but i have added 2 foster kittens...they're my babies until they're ready to be adopted
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YES! It's finally happening to our family. We got Hobbes on Independence Day, and now a Labor Day tabby will be joining us soon. Hopefully....*crossing fingers*
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Well, when I had my baby Marie, I had to get rid of the 4 I had because my baby needed a nursery and their catroom was her nursery.
So after about a year and a quarter, a little grey and white cat was seen in my backyard looking in. And we took him in, and named him Rocky. Since he is only 4 or 5 months old....we figured he could tolerate a young child. And so far he has....since he doesn't know life with us any different My husband and I and our little girl have grown to love Rocky.
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