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My kitty, the wine-o.

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That is just TOOOO cute!
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jaid you should send this in to the captions contest!
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Ok, I went ahead and sent it into captions.
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Yea, Shiraz goes nuts for straws too. A great cheap toy. She'll play fetch with them for hours. I buy em by the 100 pack =)
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Both of those pictures are just adorable!!!!!!! Were they taken with digital cameras? If so, what kind do you have...the pictures are so good and close up!!! I want to get a digital camera, alot of my close-up shots with my regular camera are fuzzy.
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Those pictures are so cute. I guess she tries to get a drink of water from anywhere and everywhere. :laughing:
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What a great picture - I am already thinking of posting for the captions!
BTW - tigger looks like he is enjoying his activity too!
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Beautiful pictures....and they look so much alike!
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Debby: Mine are taken with an Olympus C2100UZ . Im tremendously happy with the camera. It takes pretty good close up shots, and has a 10x zoom which comes in very handy for shooting wildlife. Dont let my pictures serve as good examples of what can be taken with a 2100UZ though, as there are far better photographers out there taking far better pictures with this camera. Ive only had it a couple months, and I am still getting used to it. I wouldnt hesitate for a second to recommend this camera. Also, its an somewhat old model, and circuit city tends to have online specials on it frequently. You can normally pick it up for $400 or so if you really shop around and watch for the deals. Let me know if you have any other questions, id be happy to try to help!
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We have a Cannon G1 Powershot......
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That picture is just great
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Jaid and Tigger....thanks! Do both of your cameras show you the picture after you take it on a screen, so you can retake it if you don't like it?
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Debby: Yes, the Oly C2100UZ as well as the Canon Powershot G1 both have lcd displays.

Im not tremendously familiar with the G1, but with the C2100UZ you can view the image, zoom in on the image, move the image around, delete the image, etc etc.

A great resource for digital cameras is

They have camera reviews, general information, and user forums.
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Thanks! You have been alot of help!!! My birthday is in October, I may ask for a digital camera.
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Great pictures!! Soo funny!! I think the closest one of mine got to doing anything like that was when Merle tried to lick the last bit of milk out of my glass and got his head stuck... :laughing: now wheres a camara whan you need one!!
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That's so cute.

Years ago, I had a cat that would sip at my late husband's Scotch and soda. Last night, Rowdy snagged a sip of Bill's beer. Do they have AA, for cats?
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Aww, those pics brought a smile to my face. Socks only likes tea and the occasional bit of iced tea, lol.
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Originally posted by Debby
Thanks! You have been alot of help!!! My birthday is in October, I may ask for a digital camera.
LOL! Debby, you'll be needing one sooner than that! The baby will be here before you know it!
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Hi Jaid,
Lovely kitty and apparently only keen on cold water.Nice pic and good idea.Your location caught my eye. My son is living in Ann Arbor and shares a dog with his ex girl friend. he´s not allowed animals in his apartment and I believe he´s content that 2 cats are waiting for him when he comes home.It´s now 4 years that he left and I can´t stand his absence much longer.He´s working on his PhDand will hopefully finish next spring and come back to Europe.Mothers, such a breed.All the best to you and the kittyElisabeth
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