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What should I do???

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Hey everyone.
Some of you may know I'm currently looking for a companion for my 12 year old girlcat, Wick. I was hoping to get a middle-aged neutered boy, since they're usually more laid back and less prone to destruction. I live in a large one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend and kitty.

A while ago I got an email from my sister, saying that a friend of hers is having to rehome his cat and her one male kitten, 3 month old Cheeto. I thought maybe someone else (it was a mass email) would adopt both, so I didn't say anything then. However, today I was browsing petfinder and noticed that little Cheeto still doesn't have a new home, and will go to the pound TOMORROW if he doesn't get a home today. I really hadn't planned on getting a kitten, but he looks like the sweetest little thing ever. What should I do?! I emailed the guy about it, but ... we really weren't thinking of getting a kitten... School is starting for me next week and I wouldn't be home from like 11-5 every day. What to do... HELP!

ETA: here's a picture of his mom. He apparently looks just like her.
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good luck with kitten
I have 3 cats mine do fine in the house
heck they sleep a lot! lol
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If I were you, I would get the kitten. Otherwise it could be a waste of his life . But it's up to you. If you were meaning to get a kitten anyway, then why not?! If it's cute, cuddly and totally adorable, get it! lol

Good Luck!!!
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Sorry I guess I didn't really read it right... Do what your heart says
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My heart says GET THE KITTEN but my pocketbook says neuter costs, shots, testing... I just don't know...
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I would ask/pm Dawnofsierra/Stephanie..........she got Serenity when she was a kitten and Sierra was like 11 or so.......... I saw go for it!
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If you can afford it and your heart says it's right, go for it!
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Originally Posted by jugen View Post
If you can afford it and your heart says it's right, go for it!
That's the real problem. I mean, I could cut corners and everything, MAKE us able to afford it, and I did ask the guy who's adopting her out if I could get a reduced price neuter certificate, but I don't know if my boyfriend'd be keen. We kind of agreed not to get a kitten. But he hasn't seen this darling, and he doesn't know about it going to the pound.
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Is there any way that you could foster the little guy until he finds a home while you search for the right cat that fits your family? I mean, if the costs are going to be an issue, and you don't really want a kitten, then maybe it's best that you don't get one long term. (hate to be so anti-get the kitten)

How long will he have at the pound? Can you foster him for the pound? Is there another rescue or anywhere else that would take him & let you foster him?
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I agree. IF you don't think the kitten is right for you could you foster it for a while till it finds a new home?
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I agree. IF you don't think the kitten is right for you could you foster it for a while till it finds a new home?
..I agree with her!
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I would talk to your BF, have him go with you to meet the kitten and then go from there.Good luck!!
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I suggest fostering it for a bit and see how he fits in with you and your family. If all goes well- adopt him...if not, rehome him.
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I gotta agree with the others about fostering. It will be much easier for such a cutie to find another home, but an older male must be just languishing in a cage, his poor heart yearning for you to come get him....and his options aren't so optimistic as the kitten's
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Well, here's an update.

I talked to several people about it, they all had this same advice. I asked my boyfriend and he said yes, we should at least give Cheeto a try. So I emailed the guy who has Cheeto and am waiting anxiously for a call from him... I tried calling him last night but he didn't answer. I'm thinking he was out all day, or something. I hope he calls tonight. I'm really getting into this idea of having a kitten.

Oh, also, I contacted a local shelter and they agreed to help me with neuter costs.

ETA: could I pleeeeease get some "help me get this kitten" vibes?
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Sending you the vibes for the kitten. I hope he works out for you and if he doesn't you could help him find his forever home. I would love to be able to foster kittens and cats but as of right now I can't.
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I think you are making the right choice. We wanted a male 2-3 year old cat and even had one picked out from Petfinder, but little Isabelle happened to be at our vets office and needed a home. I don't regret getting Isabelle at all, and that boy cat at the rescue found another home right away.
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thanks I really hope this works out. I still haven't heard anything, I'm so worried that Cheeto's already been taken to the pound, or that the adopter guy is out of town or something
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Keep your chin up and hope for the best until you hear differently. Any updates???
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I hope Cheeto's owner calls you soon. Even if Cheeto is taken to the pound would you be able to adopt him from there? They probably have a lot of cats so would be happy to know you're ready to adopt now and even have a kitty picked out. Good luck!
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