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Adolescent cats?

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My two kittens should, by my calculations, be going through adolescence right now. I've read lots about adolescent felines being more rough in play and generally going a bit more nuts and crazy at night time. At the same time I've read about urine marking and spraying. My question is, if my cats are spayed and neutered do they still display these behaviours? Because Sparkles has suddenly in the last week just started to go crazy at night time, bounding around with energy attacking and biting us in bed and I'm wondering if this is due to adolescence (she is 4+ months) even though she's spayed, or if it's just her...
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Hate to say this, but their "night-time crazies" don't end with adolescence! It is more about their personality. A cat at that age is learning all about life around them, and will explore every possible thing they can get in to. Some cats get over that phase and turn into mellow cats. Others never lose that curiousity. And night-time crazies happens with most cats for a good part of their life - cats are noctural by nature and are frequently just getting going at night.

Having her spayed will greatly diminish her need to mark, but that is more common in males than females in the first place. Marking is more about feeling that their territory is threatened and if you have given them the space they need, should never happen.

I actually find what I'll call their teenage years far more trying than their adolescence - about the time they are between 2 and 3, they seem to want to get rebellious, and its usually with the strong willed ones. They are coming into their own as adults and are confused by the process (just like humans).

Don't give into their behaviors if they bother you. If they start the attack game in bed, don't play back and give them a time out if they don't quit. Once you allow a bad behavior, it is harder to stop it later.
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Mosi is 8 months old now and seems to be going through a rowdy teenager phase, after seeming to calm down a bit. Neutering will remove the sexual component of adolescent/teenager behaviour, but they still seem to get that teenage stroppiness
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