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Just got a cat and an afraid I have a problem

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We just got the most beautiful 4 year old cat today. We got him for our special needs 6 year old who has been begging for a cat for a long time. It is amazing to me to see how quickly these two have bonded and just how happy this cat makes my son.

Here is where I think I may have a problem. We got the cat from a really nice "Grandma" who had to go live an assisted living facility. Since we took him from his home today he's been scared and spent most of this time under the table (with my son curled around him for a good part of the day). In anycase, I've got out every so often to pet the cat or hold him in my lap to help him get used to me (I didnt force him to stay in my lap or anything). Each time I spent about 5 minutes with him. And each time aftewards I just seem to itch uncontrollably for a some time.

I had a cat as a child so it never occured to me to worry about an allergy. Is this possibly an allergy or am I just not used to cat hair yet? I am pregnant and I dont know if that effects my reaction or not. I have no rash, no watery eyes, runny nose, etc like I thought cat allergies were like. If it is an allergy, is there anything I can do? I can not get rid of this cat, it would devistate my son.

Sorry to make my first post such a downer, I'm just so worried as my son is already so very attached.
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Welcome to TCS!
How wonderful to hear your son and kitty are getting along so well!
In regards to the itchiness, what anti-parasite medication are you using for the cat? The powder or spray may be causing the itch.
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and welcome to TSC...........well what an interesting question ! It could be lots of things, you might be allegic to cat hair, although you would have some outward sign, all of which you mention as not having. Could there be a possiblity of fleas ? you can usually see tiny black specs (flea poo) as you part the hair. If that is the case then your vet would be able to offer a remedy, the vet may also have some idea about this problem ?
As you are pregnant , well, again, all very interesting - maybe there are some web sites about pregnancy and pets ?
It would be a shame to let the cat go, as you have done a great thing by taking in a cat who needed a home and of course, your son loves him to bits. So fingers crossed and as our other TSC friends across the world wake up I am sure you will get some more thoughts on this !
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Hi, welcome, to you and your family! We're so glad you've joined us and look forward to seeing more of you!

It sounds as if you may be having a reaction. Are you experiencing any other symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose? Is this a rash you're getting or are you just itchy? Where I may normally suggest seeing if Benadryl may help or trying one of the other otc allergy medications such as Claritin, since you're pregnant, I would suggest speaking to your Dr. That's an excellent suggestion that you may be allergic to something being applied to the kitty and not him!

Thank you for keeping your new family member and seeking a means of handling this. In most situations such as this, a solution can be found.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi, and welcome to the best community I've ever found on the web!
Congratulations on taking in a kitty in need. I am so touched by the bond your son and the kitty have made already.
Since you are pregnant, check with your Dr first. Then the vet.
It could be a lot of things, and good for you, not to just give up without investigating. Way to go, girl!
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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Allergies come and go as you go through life. I had some allergies in my early thirties that disappeared later.

Cats like humans that "ignore" them, so even if you do not hold kitty in your lap or pet, he will like you. So if you are allergic to him, all is not lost. But do check out the possiblities that the other posters have mentioned! The important thing is that he is good therapy for your child, right?

At any rate you will get some great advice here, this is an awesome forum!!
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Welcome to TCS!! I am mom to a "Special Needs" child, but she is 26 but will always be a "young teen". She, too, has a very, very special cat named Christy. As your son becomes older, some of the social challenges become more advance, and cats seem to know this (as do the horses, as you will find if your son gets to participate in therapeutic riding) and just the most incredibly wonderful companions. AS for your itching, I agree that it might be something put on the cat, maybe even if you are using scented cat litter, the scent might be lingering on the fur (I'm very anti-scent, since I have asthma). I will keep that problem in my thoughts and prayers that it resolves soon, and that your pregnancy goes smoothly, with a very happy, healthy sibling for your son. Bless you all! Susan
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Hi Justonecat:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for adopting someone who sounds like an adult cat, from someone who I'm sure is SO RELIEVED her beloved boy has found a loving home; and double thank you for committing to him! It's the right thing to do, and the caring thing; so glad he is a family member and loved, and not looked upon as something other...

The other posters' suggestions sound constructive. Hope that you have found or are finding good answers to this matter. It's always best to avoid flea powders and collars, which are of dubious efficacy anyway, and may be harmful to the cat, your son, and/or yourself. The topicals, such as Advantage, I have found to be very effective and safe. Advantage is my favorite; I've never had any problems with it. You can buy it online at Drs. Foster and Smith (http://www.DrsFosterSmith.com) and at most local "pet" supply stores; you may ask your vet if you're unsure. There are also medications for humans with allergies; Zyrtec is one I've heard of which is prescription, but there are others. Again, you'll want to ask your doctor, especially as you are pregnant.
BEST of luck with your little family, and long, loving happy life to your sweet cat!
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Welcome to TCS!
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