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Purrfect cat?

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At the risk of sounding like a proud kitty mom, my Dusty is nearly purrfect. She doesn't have potty accidents or scratch the furniture. But the most interesting thing is she has never had a flea though she is an indoor/outdoor cat. Another interesting thing about her body chemistry is that she is hypoallergenic. I am allergic to cats and so is my daughter and we have a friend who is VERY allergic, but the first time he was at our house, he didn't even know we had a cat. She has never caused an allergic reaction to anyone known to be allergic. Weird, huh? I should have her cloned!

OK, she does have one fault. She doesn't play with toys at all. We have tried them all, and nothing works. She also wouldn't drink from the kitty fountain or climb on the cat condo. Both those items were returned to Pet Smart unused.

Well, make that 2 faults. She also likes to eat breakfast at 5 am. No matter what I can't get her to sleep until 6.
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My Madison is similar. She purrs all the time, sits or sleeps near me. She has to be up by my head when I sleep. Always uses her litter box with no problems, and makes sure she is clean when she comes out (she will scrape her paws on the kitchen cabinets until she gets all of the litter out of her paws). She has never hissed or even tried to scratch me. And she also does not play with her toys at all. Well, a little bit sometimes, but never for long. She also HATES super enclosed spaces. I have tried to get her to go in to a box or a paper bag, but no go.

Her only real fault is that she is so terrified of the cat carrier she has had two accidents so far.
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Congratulations for having a perfect cat!
Having an early breakfast and being very choosy with "indoor" entertainment are small prices to pay for perfection!
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