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TCS Vibes Badly Needed!!!

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So, I hope I'm not abusing the vibes, but they worked miracles for me for this audition last year, so I'm hoping they'll work this year!

I have my seating audition for school again, and once again, I find myself straddling the line between the top ensemble and the lower ensemble.

I've been working EXTREMELY hard all summer, but alas, I still can't get these excerpts to sound fluent, clear and phrased beautifully. They sound rushed, frantic and like mini-train wrecks. The notes sort of super-impose on one another and sound like a blob of sound, rather than a musical line.

So I need some vibes to help me calm down, pull myself together and practice effectively...and I need vibes that both the fates and my professors will find it in their hearts to place me in the top ensemble again this year!

Thanks in advance. You guys ROCK!!

Also, any advice would be completely welcome
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A great relaxation technique is to think cat. You know how when you are flustered about something, and in a big rush, you look at your kitty and she is just staring at you, and slowly blinks. As if people are nuts. Just try to envision yourself in that attitude. Slowly breathe in, let it back out. And give a slow blinky.

Prayers that you do well, and the music just flows for you!
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I can't give you advice on how to calm down right now.....the only thing right now that actually calms my nerves since I'm so wound up is my meds.

But maybe you could try a nice relaxing bath or something???
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Allie, just try to relax and let the music flow through you. Play to Lola, play it for Lola, not the professors. Let Lola and Gracie and Raphael and Leo be your muses, and like Becky said - think cat!

Sending lots of good vibes your way! But you'll do great, I know it!
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I'm sending you tons of vibes! (I was a music industry major- recording tech in the field of production/engineering- I understand your situation) Good luck!
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Good Luck!!!

When I was in music, the one thing that ALWAYS helped me prior to an audition or performance was eating 2 bananas an hour or two prior to the event. The amount of potassium inside bananas will help calm your nerves.
It always worked for me!
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Sending lots of vibes your way, Allie. You'll do great!
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Take deep breaths and do what you do best! You will be fine. I bet you are your own worst critic.
Sending you vibes that you will sound like music straight from Heaven.
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Originally Posted by eilcon View Post
Sending lots of vibes your way, Allie. You'll do great!
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I too am sending vibes to you. You will do brilliant singing!!!!
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The think like a cat is good advice Allie....just don't fall asleep like a cat!

Good luck! You are a wonderful player & I don't know why they wouldn't put you in the top ensemble!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo View Post
Prayers that you do well, and the music just flows for you!


Good vibes on the way!...
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Oh, God, I hate auditions. Just don't forget that your gift is also musicality. You're not an automaton, you're a musician, so play that music for them!
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Sending many good vibes your way!
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Sending you Beethoven-worthy music and calming vibes . GOOD LUCK ALLIE- I know you'll do great!
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