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Please help me!!! I don't know what to do about my cat's peeing issue.

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I read the forum about the pee issue but most of what everyone wrote I've already tried. So... Here's the story... I adopted my cat about two years ago, making him five now. At the time we had two other cats and everything was fine. About a year and a half ago my grandmother moved in with her four cats! I know, seven cats is a little much, but it was only supposed to be a temporary thing. About six months ago my neighbor across the alley (I live in a condo complex) got two cats, the cats had kittens and the kittens had kittens, now they are all fixed so they wont continue to breed but now there are a whole bunch of cats running around outside (my cats are all inside cats by the way) and spraying on our front door screen, the bushes in front of our living room window, the patio, etc. A couple weeks ago my little man (it's funny because he's the complete opposite, a giant maine coon, but he's the youngest) who very much wants to be the dominant one in the house peed on our couch. We cleaned it up then he did again the next day, and he did it about 6 or 7 more times. I took him to the vet, and they said he did not have an infection but they couldn't really get a good exam on him because he's a fiesty one and gave me antibiotics anyway just in case. We spent a day really cleaning the couches well... and while they were drying he peed on one again!! I've read on other sites that a good idea is to isolate them from the other cats but it never says for how long or how to tell when they've been isolated long enough. Any help would be great, I am not willing to give him up although my mom has pretty much made up her mind and would get rid of him in a second if he does it again. Another note... my grandmother is moving in about 4 months so four of our furry friends will be leaving which I'm sure will be a big help but that's four months away. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE FANTASTIC!!!
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I read somewhere on this forum to pu aluminum foil where they might pee. can you cover the couch in aluminum foil when you are no sitting on it. Have you tried the feliway? It sounds like your cat is upset by all the cats around him. Also, maybe your vet could give him some valium to calm him down. My vet recommended that for mine but I didn't use it. you should read the sticky in cat health about peeing.
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I don't have much advice about the peeing, but Nature's Miracle is wonderful at cleaning up and deodorizing the area.
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Well I had that prob with my kitten when I got him, he liked peeing and pooing on the bed..MY BED! I Was MAD.. I stoped letting him on the bed*which was a idea from someone* He stoped pooing, But peed everywhere.. Soo we put Aluminum Around eevrything, And he would pee in othere places, Soo then I was told to neuter him It might be that he is spraying.. Well we did.. and he was only 3 mo old then.. And he still peed.. So we did our last option without a behavourist.. we pined him up for 2-3 weeks, with ONLY A litter pan .. and He wasnt aloud out of there.. UNLESS it was a small room,Like a bathroom, and we could sit with him.. It was to redirect the behaviour, and get him to relearn the litter pan. Kittys are clean animals, and like dogs .. wont usually pee n poo where they sleep, that is why they told me to put him in a cage.. or SMALL Bathrrom.. And NOW NO PROBS! *With the peeing and pooing* Sooo Maybe try that, and see if that help..
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oo I also heard that White Vinigar and water *Diluted in a good amount* spray on the spots he pees in, and it will detour him from peeing in the same place.
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