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What are your kits favourite flavour of food?

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I was wondering what other kits favourite flavours are!
Scratch loooves seafood and chicken, and won't eat anything else.
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"human" is their favorite food lol
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chicken & oceanfish
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chicken and seafood
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Tab is probably the fussiest cat I've ever known. She loves tuna, chicken, and she likes to eat ham every now and again, but chicken is probably her fave
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probably the fish one we have right now (we mix chicken and the fish one), but a while ago we had this sliced chicken in gravy stuff she was crazy about. I'll have to see if I can find it again.
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Not found one that Mosi doesn't like yet Jaffa's pretty much the same, although I once got the impression he's not too keen on lamb - dunno why I got that impression as he's eaten it since. I think he likes chicken and beef the best, although he does like his fish too!
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Chunky chicken in gravy. I bought some pate style food because I thought they were bored with the chicken, but you would not believe the GLARES I got this morning when I served it.

I think I need to hide all the knives and scissors...
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Pheasant. My spoiled little brats like pheasant.

But I figure it's ok, since they were all out on the streets, then in shelters, before they came home with me!
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Probably Chicken....but they love real tuna not cat food tuna!!
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my cats like different flavors depending on what brand it is little boogers! although beef seems to be popular across the board, and seafood, crab, salmon, etc is also enjoyed by all, chicken is not very popular though and they definitely like chunks better than pate
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People food: Chicken Satay (Thai w/green curry) and spaghetti (no sauce)

Cat food: Tuna and Shrimp. Nothing else, period. (I've tried everything, but she's SO finicky!!!)
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