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I can't believe I'm related to her...

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I am ashamed to be related to these people. In fact, I can't believe I even know people like this. Is anyone else related to someone they just cannot fathom as a human being? How do you deal with this? How can I face these people again?

I was talking with my sister about her and her "family" moving to South Dakota (Her Redneck (no offense to rednecks) hubby, and one of his 3 kids), and she said she could just kill a buffalo from their back yard. I asked if there are hunting seasons for buffalo (I didn't think so, but hey I'm no expert), and she said no, but if it "was attacking her dog, she would kill it." Their dogs (that I knew about) were two Rotties, and a Chow. Yeah, I see a buffalo attacking those dogs. I still don't know if she was trying to be funny, or was serious. But that's not what really upset me.

So I asked about the dogs, and she said they only have one now, Rocky the Rottie. What happened to the others?

Well, Bear the Chow was very old. He was about 9 years old, which is apparently old for a Chow. She said he had cancer, and was rotting from the inside out. (I'm going to try to recall what she said because I still can't fathom it.) "You could smell it. We couldn't stand to see him suffer any more so we put him down. Just like I had to do with Simba, and what Dad did with Felicia. Only we did it in the back yard." WHAT?!?!?!!? I couldn't even ask what possible "humane" method was used. Oh, and Moose, the other Rottie - well, he was "just stupid and R. (her hubby) hated him." So they "got rid of him." I don't even want to know what happened to that poor dog. I'm *hoping* that they took him to a shelter.

Am I nuts for being upset about these conversations? My sister didn't used to be like this, I swear. She *did* at one time believe in veterinary care. I know they didn't take Bear to the vet.
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That is a pretty horrible story I will say! I can see putting your pet to sleep if he is "dying of cancer" like you said, but at least let a vet do it in a humane way. In the backyard is just not acceptable.

Sorry you are so upset w/ your family!
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I can understand you being upset. If one of my pets was so sick they needed to be put down, I sure as heck wouldn't do it myself, I would take them to the vet. But sadly, there are alot of people who will do this just to save a few bucks.....how they have the heart to do it is beyond me.
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Geez, Heidi. That's horrible. This afternoon I was looking out my window and saw my neighbor hitting and hitting his dog. I was about ready to call the cops if he hadn't stopped. I cannot understand people who mistreat animals.
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I know how outraged you are...
The whole reason we were able to end up with our new adorable kitty is because the family who had it didn't really want him and I was told by my little sister in law that they would probably shoot it....That that is what they did to all of the kittens that they didn't want!!! (Why don't they just get their female fixed, I ask?)...When she told me that the words like stabbed through me and my husband was disgusted. He told her the kitten would be better off with us. THe next day she arranged for us to have it!

I don't understand why they even have animals...If they could that to animals, then how can they love the two they have???

I know another man who is SO wonderful. He was my grandfather's best friend. He was so in love with his dog of many many years that when he had to leave his farm (old age and alone...lost his wife), he didn't feel anyone else could understand or care for his dog as well as he....So, I heard he "put it down"..shot it. It makes my stomach turn and its hard to think of someone so gentle and sweet to be able to do that. I just think the vet way sounds so much more humane!

I don't think you are overreacting.

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At my husband's work, I know of a guy who took his dog out to the desert and shot it because it had bit his wife, while she was pregnant. Please.... he could've taken the dog to the pound. I'm sure it would have found a home.
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I don't think you're over reacting either. I just don't understand why people go out and get animals if their not gonna like them a few years down the road.
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Do you have somewhere you can report these people to? I know it's difficult partiularly if you have to grass your own family up to the authorities - but those of us who care shouldn't be putting up with this. These thoughtless idiots do need to be taught a lesson and animals need to be protected from them.

Animal cruelty makes me sick to my stomach.
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Thanks for your feedback. I have a lot of issues with my sister's husband, so I really didn't know if I was blowing this completely out of proportion or not. He is just a little bit better than the rest of the world, so his actions and beliefs shouldn't even be questioned. For some reason my sister sways to his every whim. (For example, she has been called Sam all of her life - 30-some years before she met him. Until he said his "woman" wasn't going to have a man's name. Now everyone has to call her Samantha.)

There is a completely different mindset for some people who live in rural areas (especially "old timers"), as far as what "putting a pet down" means. To them, shooting an animal is a quick, painless way to put it out of it's misery, whether it is a cow, sheep, or dog. I don't agree with it, but that is how its done. However, these people aren't in the country, and they weren't raised in the country. They live in the middle of town, so I don't think shooting was possible. That's the part that bothered me. Maybe they did, and just have understanding neighbors. I didn't want to ask, especially if that isn't what they did.

As far as turning them in, I would love to, especially since this isn't the first not-so-humane thing they (he) have done, but I don't have any real proof about what they did or how they did it. It would really be my word against theirs, and I'm sure they would change their story. Really, from what she said, they *could* have had a vet come and administer something. I just know that's not what happened.
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Just remember you can choose your friends, but not your family.

Sorry for the cliche - it just seemed appropriate. I don't know what I would do if a family member of mine did something like that - probably not talk to them for a while.
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I think that we've ALL got goofy relatives. Do you suppose that we're adopted?
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True story - when I was growing up I told everyone that my parents were adopted (I have a really wierd family). For 8 years I insisted that my real parent were greek shipping magnets and that I was stolen at birth. I insisted that my parents' found me in a garbage can (yes - a garbage can!) and adopted me. My parents put up with my vivid imagination - poor them!
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