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Spayed kitten keeps hiding.

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I have two kittens that got spayed and neutered yesterday. Ross seems fine; cuddly, eating, drinking, hasn't pooed yet, but I'm not too worried about that yet. Monica, is not herself at all. We got her some pain medication that she will take for three days in the mornings, so that could make her a little out of it. Anyhow, Monica keeps hiding, Ross isn't being rough with her, so I don't think has anything to do with it. She isn't eating much, about 1/4 last night when she got home and the same amount this morning with her medicine. When I can reach her while she's hiding, I'll place water by her, and she drinks it, so she is thirsty. Is it normal that she is hiding? When she changes hiding spots she runs so you can't catch her. I know she might act weird for a few days, but does this seem normal? Anything I should be doing to help her feel more comfortable? I'm a little worried that I can't keep an eye on her and keep her from licking her stitches!!!!

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Please keep Monica confined in a small area like the bathroom or a large pen until she is healed properly.
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The neutering procedure is quite a bit easier on kitties than the spaying procedure. She should be her normal self in a couple of days. (keeping in mind that the painkillers will make her less active/interactive than usual)
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Spaying is major surgery compared to neutering, so the reactions of your cats are typical.

Just give her the pain medicine and let her hide and keep quiet. She'll be fine in a few days. You should inspect her stitches twice a day to be sure she is not licking them or pulling them out or any other signs of infection.
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Give her time! She just had surgery, and the anesthetic never wears off right away either, so she's probably a bit groggy and out of it to begin with. A few days should make all the difference, but give it a chance.
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