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Prince William

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Willie hops up on my bed yesterday. (Actually just the box spring because I have the matress on the floor for a little while, so me and Willie can still sleep together during his condition)

So anyway, I have a canopy over it. I'm on the floor, sleeping on a matress, and hes on a price's bed with a big canapy, all curled up in a beautiful ball!!

Anything like this happen in you house?
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Of course! I can't count the times I have ended up on the couch so I didn't wake the kitties. Then they came and piled on the couch with me, so I snuck back to bed so I could get a spot before they got there. It is musical beds several times a week here.
Is His Highness getting better? I hope so.
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Mine don't usually sleep with me they've learned after many a "kitty kicked off the bed, or meowmy rolls over the kitty incedent" not to sleep in the bed near me lol. I put them a little kitty bed at the foot of the bed to sleep in when they're brave enough...but they usually sleep in the living room lol. I sleep like a polar bear- cover go everywhere, when i'm at Colin's I steal them all, I kick things, move pillows without realizing it...now can you see why my furbabies fear for their lives when they're in the bed with meowmy lol ....poor things
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I think that's the norm in most kitty houses!
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Yes, His Hieness is doing better. We just brought him back to the vet yesterday morning, and to our surprise, he doesn't have to take prednizone anymore, and he doesn't have to have wound treatments anymore. Just the antibiotics, just incase the infectioon trys to come back. The incision is almost closed up, but the vet said it might take a really long time. Its a tiny hole, less than an eighth of an inch!!

He's doing GREAT!!
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That's great news! I am glad he is doing so well.
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I have a "sahara" type canopy over my bed, it's the round top like a tent, with the the long white drape that surrounds the top 1/2 of our bed...but with the fan on in the summer, it would blow in our faces, so most of the time it's stuck back behind the head board.... Lucky thinks this is prime play area, and it probably has a ton of snags in it, she's always behind our bed, then sneaks a paw up to tease her daddy into playing....

What a good Meowmy you are! Willie is lucky to have you!
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