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Surprise Visitor To My Office!

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My former student assistant and a friend stopped by my office this afternoon saying they wanted to show me something....

They unzipped their backpack and I was wondering what the heck was going on...

They pulled something out with their backs to me...







Turned around and PRESTO!!

This is what I saw! I just MELTED!!!!!!

What a CUTIE!?!?

They are "sneaking" him into their dorm so his name is "Dormy". I asked them what their plan was if they ever got "busted" with Dormy since cats aren't allowed in dorms and they said they already have a backup plan (friend who lives in an apt off campus said she'd tend the kitten if needed).

Let me know what u think of this darling! They actually said that they were thinking of bringing Dormy over to my apt one weekend and hang out. I gave them this LOOK and said "If you do, you are NOT LEAVING HIM with me! I have enough cats as it is! STOP TEMPTING ME!!" LOL...

I am well known on campus for being a cat lover or rather the crazy cat lady! Some students have made bets about how many cats I will have by the time they graduate with their degrees! Jeez.....
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He is soooo adorable!!! I love red tabbies. What a nice surprise for you!

But he doesn't belong in a college dorm. I hope they let the person off-campus take him.
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I have given them a "quiz" on what they're doing as owners and have told them bluntly that I have a few concerns regarding their "living situation with Dormy" but there's nothing I can do at this time except keep a close eye on them. They KNOW how I feel about cats and that they can come to me any time if they need advice regarding this.. LOL.
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OMG He is so precious! I also have a huge soft spot for red tabbies. I know he will be well taken care of under your watchful eye. How old is little Dormy?
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What a cutie!!!
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Too, too precious!!
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haha, he looks right at home on your desk. He's a cutie for sure!!!
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AWWWwwwww.....how cute, that reminds me of Tiger, one of the cats I used to have. I hope that you can have frequent contact with him/her. Such a darling kitten.
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Very cute kitty!!!
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! what a cutie!
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