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Detatched Ear Drum?

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I took my cat to the vet for a minor ear infection. I was sent home with medication for the ear. The vet looked at it 2 weeks later and she put a large q-tip like instrument down his ear. He jumped, then started salivating and gagging.
When I got him home, he staggered out of the carrier. When I put the ear medicine in his ear, you can tell it was going from his ear into his mouth. This did not happen the week before when I administered the medicine. He aslo staggered after I did it.
I called the vet and the other vet said this was not normal behaiviour and to bring him in. He may have a detatched ear drum. I am beside myself. I take him to get help and this happened. Any suggestions? Anyone know if anything can be done if this is what it is? HELP!!!!!!
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This is dreadful I would also wonder about the possibility of a punctured eardrum. Either way, this needs treatment, poor baby. I advise seeking the care of a new Vet..promptly.
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Do you know if anything can be done?
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I wouldn't put any more eardrops in his ear until you see another vet. I don't think there is anything that can be done. It just has to heal itself....and he will probably have "some" hearing loss if it has been ruptured. If he had a lot of debris in his ear,it may have pushed it thru his eardrum. If I'm not mistaken,their eardrum sits so far back at an angle,it would be hard to puncture with a q-tip thingy. Poor baby..I hope he isn't hurting!
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I'm going today at 4PM EST. I'll let you know. I could hardly sleep last night.
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Q-tips should never be used in our kitties' ears for this very risk. I'm looking forward to knowing how your appt went.
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Hi All!

Thanks for all of your support.

I'm calmed down a little.

I took him to Dr Claypool AND the other vet at silver sands. Claypool is
my original, original vet from way back.
Claypool said the stitches can come out and is going to do so tomorrow.
He will take a better look at his ear then. He said it was abnormal, but
didn't think it was ruptured. He said let nature take its course.
That these things usually heal. (What a relief!)

The other vet was trying to worm out of the 1st vet screwing up.
I asked him if the reaction Cikala had was normal when she dug into his ear
last week and he gagged and foamed at the mouth. He said he's never heard of it happening, but she's been a vet
a lot longer than I have been. Squirm their way out of it, eh?

Soooooo, he doesn't see a puncture, but thinks maybe when I add the
medicine, it pushes an infection into his mouth. Who the heck knows.
I need Valium, get me some Valium.

I'll know more tomorrow PM.

Thanks for caring!
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Well,I'm glad you can calm down! Isn't it awful how upset we can get over our babies? As for him saying he doesn't see a puncture.....how else would the medicine get pushed into his mouth if it "wasn't" ruptured?? Oh well,I hope everything goes well for your baby. Keep us informed!!
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