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Cat peeing everywhere but the box!

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I have a male cat/kitten - about 4 months old now. When he was younger, we had his litter box in our bedroom so that he could get used to a single room and get acclimated to his new surroundings. When he was old enough, we placed it in our basement and showed him how to get to and from the litter box in its new location.

He'll do #2 down there but not #1. We make sure its clean every day so that's not the problem. In fact, he goes everywhere *except* in the box. I can't move the box back into the bedroom as the scent/dust from the cat litter aggrivates my asthma terribly (and all cat litters do this). I havent had a cat do this before.. help!!
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Some cats prefer to have separate boxes for urinating and defecating. I would suggest getting a second box and placing it at least a few feet from the first box (otherwise the cat may see them as one big box). Also check to see if there is anything that could be scaring him while he is in the box (like a furnace or water heater going "ka-thunk"). If it did that once while he was using the box for #1, it could have frightened him. If the problem continues, take him to the vet to be sure something isn't medically wrong.
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You say all litter does this. I assume you mean clay litter? Have you tried Feline Pine or Yesterdays News? They are not dusty at all and Yesterday's News has no real scent and Feline Pine smells like pine and you cannot smell the urine at all even if you sick your head in the box. I know what you mean about the dust and scent of regular clay litter. You really should look into the pellet kind. The cat might like it, it wouldn't bother you and it will smell either good and woody or like nothing depending on which pellet litter you choose (I highly recommend Feline Pine!) and you can put more litterboxes around your house and in your bedroom.

Also if he is having problems now I wouldn't delay on neutering him if he isn't already. If he is having litterbox issues now he will probably start spraying in another month or two.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that we put two little boxes in the basement for him - both were hosed out but they probably have some scent from the other 2 cats we have. Where can you buy Feline Pine? Is it expensive? I'd rather not keep the box in our room but I don't like cleaning up accidental messes either so I brought it back up and he's using it (both ways) with no problems.

Oh, and he's already neutered. Got him from the shelter and they include that.

I also got something called Nature's Miracle which is supposed to keep(?) cats from going where they're not supposed to? Has anyone tried it? Does it work well?
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Nature's Miracle (at least most forms of it) is an enzyme cleaner. It is really good at removing urine stains and odors so the cat doesn't think that spot is a good place to pee.

Another thing you might try would be Cat-Attract cat litter. It has some special ingredient that makes it "more attractive" to cats so they are more likely to use the litter box.

When both boxes were in the basement, how far apart were they?
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