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PLEASE PLEASE do this!!!!

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I never pay attention to the ads at the top of the screen when I come here.But, this one caught my eye IMMEDIATLY and it is such a worthy cause!!!!

PLEASE do this, so that MAYBE one day soon.......a cure for ALL Cancer will be found and noone will loose a precious loved one to this vendictive disease.
(I lost my Dad to stage 4 Throat Cancer on Jan.28,2005)
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I did it . Seems like a very worthy cause
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I did it too and let my oldest kids do it.I pray that one day VERY soon, there will be no more sickness and disease in this world.
Nikki, thanks for taking the time to do this by the way!!
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I did it too!! We sent 6 so far!! Lets all hope for the best!

Thank you Nestle and all the people that helped!!!
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You're very welcome!!! I'm glad I could praticipate
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Bumping back up
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I did it! My dad died of cancer of the nerve almost thirteen years ago.

I did it!
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Thanks for doing this everyone.Cancer is such a horrible disease and these are kids we are talking about.I watched my Dad go from a vibrant man of 53 to an incapable of even holding his own head up man of 54 in 6 months!!!He is MY inspiration and I would and do ALL that I can to support cures for Cancer.
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Thank you so much to bring this to our attention. My dad died 16 years ago of esophagus cancer at the age of 48. From the time we found out we only had six month before he passed. He is always on my mind and I miss him still.
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I'm just glad that I noticed this ad on the top of my screen on this site.
Hopefully with some help and LOTS of prayers, Cancer will SOON be wiped out.
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Thanks for telling us about this, I sent this to a lot of people!
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I've done it.

I have also put the link onto another forum I belong to so they can all send a message.
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Thanks for putting this out there. I will definitely pass it along. I lost my Mom on May 7, 2005 to colon cancer. She lived 5 mos. after being diagnosed. It's a horrible disease and I pray for a cure.
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WOO HOO!!! There are now 121965 messages.That is $30,491.25 to help find a cure!!! Thank you EVERYONE for doing this and spreading the word.
And a special thanks to Nestle
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